Explore the incredible array of presentations the San Diego Adventist Forum chapter has sponsored and produced over the last 30-plus years. Just click on a title for more information about the topic and the speaker(s). All of the lectures (along with audience discussion) may now be purchased as an immediately downloadable MP3 file or ordered in CD format that will be mailed to you.
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Larry Christoffel "A Time, Times, and Half a Time,"The Period of Gospel Opposition May 14, 2005 eschatology
Gerry Chudleigh "Proposition 8" and Adventism: Implications, Involvements, Effects? February 14, 2009 homosexuality
Julius Nam "Questions on Doctrine"and the Purple State of SDA Theology July 12, 2008 adventist belief, Adventist history
Raymond Cottrell 1844: Message for Our Time March 10, 1982 Adventist doctrine, eschatology
David Neff A Better World: How compassion and justice can flourish in an eschatological faith February 18, 2012 Adventist doctrine, social justice
John Cobb Jr. A Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality October 11, 2003 homosexuality
Madelynn Haldeman A Biblical Perspective on Jewelry March 12, 1988 adventist belief, Adventist culture
Willard Meier A Case Study of Denominational Procedures: Consolidation at LLU July 11, 1987 Adventist education
Richard Rice A Christian Perspective on Suffering January 11, 1986 ethics
Jim Walters, Steven Hadley A Judicial Branch in Church Governance: Is it Time? May 8, 2004 church governance
Smuts van Rooyen A Method of Biblical Interpretation for the Modern Adventist Mind January 11, 1992 adventist belief
Gary Chartier A New Paradigm for Theology: Love as the Center and the Norm May 9, 2009 theology
Raymond Cottrell A North American Division: Myth, Milestone or Mirage? November 21, 1989 Adventism and politics, Adventist culture
Loren Seibold A Perspective on the 2017 General Conference Annual Meeting December 9, 2017 adventist governance
Ed Hare, Ervin Taylor A Question of Time August 8, 2000 science and religion
Raymond Cottrell A Reliable Method of Bible Study February 14, 1987 exegesis, theology
Ron Lawson A Sociological Study of Adventism - Preliminary Report November 9, 1985 Adventist culture
Herold Weiss A Spectrum of Early Christian Sabbath Views June 12, 2004 sabbath
Larry Geraty A Tale of Two Tells January 9, 1988 archeology
Ed Zackrison Adventism and the Arts September 8, 1990 religion and culture
Desmond Ford Adventism and the Holy Spirit July 8, 2000 Adventist theology
Ron Lawson Adventism at the Crossroads June 9, 1990 Adventist culture, Adventist doctrine
Steve Daily Adventism for a New Generation April 9, 1994 Adventist culture
Lyell Heise Adventism in the Land Down Under August 13, 1988 Adventist culture
Frank Knittel Adventism in the New Millennium– Survival February 13, 1999 Adventist culture
Raymond Cottrell Adventism in the Twentieth Century May 13, 2000 Adventist history
Fritz Guy Adventism on the Way to the Future February 11, 1995 Adventist culture
Gary Fraser Adventism's Gift to the World: Empiric Evidence for a Roadmap to Better Health September 13, 2003 Adventism, health
Richard Marker Adventism: Ethics and Organization -- a Look at the Future August 11, 2001 ethics
Ervin Taylor Adventist Creationism in the 21st Century: Fundamentalist or Constructive? May 10, 2003 science and religion
Jerry Gladson Adventist in Exile August 13, 1994 Adventist culture
C. Elwyn Platner Adventist News Reporting: The Recorder March 14, 1987 Adventist culture
Charles Teel Adventists Discover the World: Personal Ethics and/or Social Ethic January 10, 2004 ethics
Jonathan Gallagher Adventists on the World Stage - from Little Flock to Big Herd April 10, 2010 Adventist culture
Steve Daily Against All Odds: Keeping our North American Adventist Youth April 11, 1987 Adventist culture
Gary Hopkins AIDS and Adventist Youth April 12, 1997 Adventist culture
Gerald Bryant All Features Great and Small: confessions of a conventional geologist February 9, 2013 age of the earth, geology
T. Joe Willey Amalgamation of Man and Beast: Solving the Riddle October 13, 2007 Ellen White, science
Kenneth Samples An Evangelical Look at Adventism March 11, 1989 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
Raymond Cottrell Anomalies in Interpretation of Daniel 8:14 September 13, 1997 Biblical studies
Michael Scofield Anxiety Over Ordaining Women: A Root Cause Analysis January 21, 2017 women's ordination
Rennie Schoepflin Apocalypse in an Age of Science August 9, 1997 science and religion
Fred Hoyt Apologists and Scholors: Can They Peacefully Co-exist within SDA Church? August 9, 2008 Adventist Beliefe
Jerry Gladson Are Seventh-day Adventists the Remnant Church? May 13, 1995 Adventist doctrine
Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein Art, Spirituality, and Social Activism April 11, 2009 art
Ron Graybill Beating Back the Enemy: Enthusiasm in Early Adventist Worship March 7, 1992 church life
John McLarty Believer and Intellectual: a Personal Journey March 9, 2002 Adventist culture
Don Casebolt Believing Pseudepigraphal Books: Precedents and Implications for Canon and Inspiration October 13, 2018 Pseudepigrapha
Matthew L. Vincent Biblical Archaeology and the Digital Age March 8, 2014 archaeology
Ivan Blazen Biblical Texts and Homosexual Practices January 10, 2009 hermeneutics, homosexuality
Monte Sahlin Can Sabbath School and Church Be Made Relvant? October 5, 1991 church life
Dan Simpson Celebration Center: Two Years Hence February 8, 1992 church life
Stephen Gifford Challenges Facing Adventism February 13, 1988 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
Myron Widmer Challenges Facing Adventism July 12, 1986 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
Richard Osborn Challenges Facing Adventist Higher Education November 10, 2007 education
Fritz Guy Change in Adventist Education: The Costs, The Benefits, The Inevitability March 13, 1993 Adventist eductation
Alberta Mazat Changing Patterns of Loving January 13, 1990 sexuality
Bernard Brandstater Charasmatic Renewal: Are Adventists Missing Something? May 11, 1996 Adventist Beliefs
Neils Andreason Christ and the Heavenly Sanctuary January 9, 1982 Adventist theology
David Larson, Morris Taylor Christianity and Homosexuality: Ethical Concerns October 13, 2001 ethics, homosexuality
Lorna Tobler Church Authority Theory As Revealed In Equal Employment Opportunities Commission vs Pacific Press March 12, 1983 church history, church life
Phil Robertson Church Finance: The Intoxication of Sameness January 9, 1993 church finance
Tom Mostert Clergy Versus Laity: A Candid Look at a Dangerous Trend January 14, 1984 Adventist culture
Elissa Kido, Robert Cruise CognitiveGenesis: Assessing Adventist Academics in the North American Division September 11, 2010 education
Michael Scofield Communication Technology and the Four Ages of Adventism August 8, 1992 Adventist culture
Hector Betancourt Conflict and Violence: the Whys and the Therefores August 10, 1991 religion and culture
David Newman Congregationalism: Why Is It So Attractive to SDAs September 11, 1999 adventist governance
Steve Daily Contemporary SDA Sexual Mores November 11, 2000 Adventism, sexuality
Arthur Patrick Continuity and Change in Seventh-day Adventist Doctrine and Practice July 12, 2003 Adventism
Smuts van Rooyen Coping With the Lack of Change March 1, 1996 Adventist culture
Kendra Haloviak Valentine Cosmology as seen through the Hymnal April 14, 2018 hymnody
Dalton Baldwin Creation and Time: Biblical Reflections February 12, 2000 creation
Ervin Taylor Crises SDA Creationism: Confrontation or . . . . ? August 14, 1999 faith and science
Raymond Cottrell Current Trends in Adventist Theology July 13, 1991 Adventist doctrine
Reinder Bruinsma Death, Resurrection and Eternal Life February 8, 2020 eschatology
Jack Provonsha Definitions of Life and death as a Basis for Bioethical Discourse February 18, 1989 ethics
David Dennis Denominational Internal Control and Conflicts of Interest July 9, 2005 church finance
Desmond Ford Des Ford Speaks on Good New Unlimited August 12, 1989 Adventist culture, Adventist doctrine
Jonathan Henderson Discussions that Rock the Church January 6, 2018 homosexuality
Richard Rice Divine Foreknowledge ... March 7, 1981 theology
Ivan Blazen Divorce an d Remarriage in Biblical Perspective July 14, 1990 church life
Louis Venden Divorce and Remarriage October 9, 1982 marriage
George Colvin Does the Adventist Church Need Reorganization? October 8, 1983 church governance
Jim Walters Does the End Justify the Means? Ellen White and Plagiarism September 10, 1994 Adventist culture, Adventist history
Douglas Hackleman Does the Present "State of the Art" (investigation of plagarism) Support or Refute Walter Rea's The White Lie? November 13, 1982 Adventist culture, church history
Jonathan Butler E.G. White's Eschatology January 10, 1981 Ellen White, eschatology
Walter Rea EGW: The Ongoing Saga September 14, 2002 Ellen White
Fred Hoyt Ellen G. White and Plagiarism: Another View Through the Eyes of an Historian August 12, 2006 Ellen White
Terrie Dopp Aamodt Ellen White and the Public September 13, 2014 Ellen White
Gilbert Valentine Ellen White in Australia: Broader Perspectives in Understanding April 15, 2017 Ellen White
Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson Embracing the Stranger: Toward an Adventist Theology of Migration October 10, 2009 adventist belief, theology
James Walters End of Life Challenges or Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) May 20, 2006 ethics, suicide
Mark Carr Engaging the Other: Do we want a more inclusive faith? January 12, 2008 practical religion
Benjamin Herndonm, Jack Gent Enigmas about Ellen February 14, 2004 Ellen White
Brian Bull, Ted Ramirez Enron and Its Aftermath: What is the Likelihood of Fraud and Embezzlement at the GC and Its Major Institutions? September 9, 2006 church finance
Jack Provonsha Ethics and the Present Crisis May 9, 1981 Adventist culture, ethics
Jack Provonsha Ethics at the Edges of Life November 10, 1984 Adventism and health, ethics
Bailey Gillespie, Stuart Tyner Examining NAD Evangelism September 12, 1992 Adventist culture
Douglas R. Clark, Larry G. Herr Excavating the Bible: The Nadaba Plains Project April 14, 2001 archaeology
Reinder Bruinsma Facing Doubt: Why Many Leave, and Why I am Staying February 10, 2018 Adventism and culture
Richard Rice Faith and Reason: Are They Compatible? October 9, 1993 Adventist doctrine, philosophy
Robert Wonderly Faith on Ice: a Look at the Cold Hard Evidence August 9, 2003 faith and science
David Dennis Fatal Accounts May 8, 2010 Adventist culture
Charles Teel Jr Ferdinand and Ana Stahl - Social Activists January 16, 2016 Adventist history
Doug Hackleman Filthy Lucre March 13, 2010 church governance
Richard Rice Finding Your Religious Metaphor - Do Your Symbols Equal Your Faith? October 13, 1984 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
Richard Rice Forgiveness: the Final Form of Love January 11, 2003 ethics
David Larson Form and Matter in Sexual Love May 12, 1984 sexuality
Ron Lawson Fragmenting of the Adventist Apocalyptic November 8, 1997 Adventist culture
Dr. Mailen Kootsey From Chain to Tree: Ancient and Modern Structures for the Universe April 30, 2016 faith and science
Ron Graybill From Z-File to Compact Disk: The Democratization of E.G. White Sources May 14, 1988 church life
Rudy Torres From “Don't ask, don't tell” to “Thanks for asking me to be an elder” - - How One Congregation Moved from Exclusion to Inclusion of its LGBT Community September 14, 2013 church life, homosexuality
Gender Inclusiveness Commission - Southeastern California Conference Gender Inclusiveness: Promise or Illusion? October 12, 1996 Adventist culture, women
Brian Bull, Fritz Guy Genesis 1: What in the World did that First Hebrew Audience Hear? January 8, 2011 Genesis
P. Edgar Hare Genesis and Dinosaurs: What Do the Records Say? March 12, 1994 faith and science
Ivan Blazen Genesis I: Theological Dimensions/Implications October 9, 1999 Genesis
Carlos Parra Global Migration: A Christian Perspective for a Current Human Phenomenon July 8, 2017 sociology
Ivan Blazen God and Human Suffering: Biblical Perspective May 8, 1999 Biblical studies
Jeff Needle Hearts Warmed and Souls Stirred: Divergent Paths of the Nineteenth Century American Revival January 11, 1997 Adventist history
Raymond Cottrell Hermeneutics: What Difference Does It Make? October 14, 1995 Adventist doctrine
David Freedman History of the Hebrew Bible&Book of Psalms March 11, 2000 Biblical studies
Dr. Ervin Taylor How Long Has Life and Humans Been on Planet Earth? February 16, 2019 age of the earth
Graham Maxwell How Ones Perception of God Affects Ones Understanding of the Atonement May 8, 1993 Adventist theology
Hans Deihl How Then Shall We Eat? July 8, 2006 health
Walter Rea How We Know What Isn't So February 10, 2001 Ellen White
Marlin Dolinsky Hypnosis: Cutting Through the Ballyhoo May 13, 1989 Adventist culture, Adventist history
Paul Landa I Left the Church Because ... January 8, 1994 Adventist culture
David Larson IBMTE: Implications for Education/Governance August 10, 2002 Adventist education
Diane Forsyth, Fay Blix Including Women - Power Struggle or Empowerment? November 19, 1988 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
Paul Landa Independent Ministries - Bane or Blessing? March 4, 1995 Adventist culture
John DuNesme Inside the E.G. White Vault November 21, 1981 Ellen White
George Rice Inspiration and Research: Are They Mututally Exclusive? October 10, 1987 Adventist culture, Adventist history
Charles Teel Institutionalization of Adventism April 11, 1981 Adventist culture, Adventist politics
Mailen Kootsey Intelligent Design and Proofs: the Natural, Supernatural & Hypernatural September 7, 2007 Intelligent Design, science
David Larson Is Christianity the Only True Religion? August 12, 1995 Adventist Beliefs
T. Joe Willey Is It Possible to Demonstrate the Supernatural in the Health Writings of EGW Using Scientific Methods? September 12, 2009 Ellen White
Calvin Edwards Is Jewish Apocalyptic for Christians? July 14, 1984 theology
Bailey Gillespie Is There an SDA Way to Interpret Scripture? February 14, 1998 Adventism
Myron Widmer Issues Facing Adventism November 3, 1990 religion and culture
Bernard Taylor It Is Written ... Where" November 12, 2005 understanding scripture
Linda Caviness Iterations in Neuroscience: Implications for Intelligent Design October 14, 2006 Intelligent Design, neuroscience
Karen Scott, Leigh Johnsen Jesus, Caesar, and the Adventists: Religious Liberty March 11, 2006 church and state
Frederick Hoyt John Wesley: Father of SDA Health Reform July 10, 1999 Adventism, health
Larry Christoffel John’s Understanding of the Book of Daniel July 12, 1997 Biblical studies
Laura Johnston Kohl Jonestown Survivor, an Insider's Look September 14, 2019 Holocaust
Richard Bushman Joseph Smith, Ellen White and Nineteenth-Century Visionary Culture February 8, 1997 Adventist history
Charles Teel Jr. Liberation and Evangelism - Logging a Passage Through Central America May 11, 1985 theology
Sigve Tonstad Lost Meaning(s) of the Seventh Day September 8, 2012 sabbath
Rennie Schoepflin Making Doctors and Nurses for Jesus: Evangelical Children and Mythical Mission Lands January 12, 2002 Adventist culture
Michael Scofield Market-Driven Theology: Retarding the Growth of Adventism July 14, 2007 church governance, theology
Tony Brandon Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage September 14, 1985 divorce
Fred Hoyt Medical Biography: Ellen Gould Harmon White October 14, 2000 Ellen White
Karen Kotoske Micro-charities: Challenging the Paradigm of Adventist Mission November 9, 1996 Adventist mission
Paul Richardson Ministering to Baby Boomers February 26, 1991 church life
William Jarvis Miracle Healings: the Psychology of Deception May 9, 1998 miracles
Charles Teel Jr Missionaries, Visionaries and Revolutionaries: the Experiences of Fernando and Ana Stahl in South America October 13, 1990 church history
Michael Scofield Models for Understanding SDA Pluralism November 14, 1998 adventist governance
Gary Patterson Models of the Church February 6, 1993 church structure
Thomas Staples Money, Mission and Management January 13, 1996 Adventist finance
LSU Music Faculty Music for Worship: What's In, What's Out; What's Hot, What's Not October 10, 1992 church life
Desmond Ford My Vision for the Church July 7, 1998 Adventism
Michael Scofield NAD Higher Education: Which College Will Fail First? August 8, 2009 education
Gary Chartier Natural Law, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Politics of Virtue September 10, 2005 homosexuality
T. Joe Willey Neuroscience, Human Nature, and Redemption April 9, 2005 neuroscience
Greg Billock Neurotheology: What's This All About? January 14, 2006 neuroscience
Richard Rice New Directions in SDA Theology October 10, 1998 Adventist theology
Daniel Simpson On Spawning a New Church September 9, 1989 Adventist culture
Arthur R. Torres, Fritz Guy, Kendra Haloviak Valentine, Lawrence Geraty Ordination of Women: Past, Present, Future July 18, 2015 women's ordination
Kendra Haloviak-Valentine Ordination--Disentangling the Gordian Knot April 13, 2013 womens ordination
Dr. Najeeba Sayeed-Miller Peacemaker, Healer, Scholar October 24, 2015 inter-faith, peacemaking
Desmond Ford Perils of a Christian Bureaucracy October 10, 1981 Adventist Beliefs, church governance
T. Joe Willey Perplexing Patterns in Adventist Higher Education that Hint of Creeping Secularization November 9, 2013 Adventist education
James Walters Personal Life: When Does it Begin, When Does it End? April 15, 1989 ethics, philosophy
Douglas Hackleman Perverting the Process: an Assessment of the Seventh Triennial Session of the Southeastern California Conference April 10, 1993 church governance
David VanDenburgh Pilgrimage July 8, 1995 Adventist culture
Lee F. Greer Planet Under Stress: Religious Communities and the Ecological Crisis July 10, 2010 science
Clive Holland Plant Biotechnology: A Reality Check on the State-of-the-Art August 8, 2007 science
Anthony Zuccarelli, Mark Carr Playing God? -- Genes, Stem Cells, and/or Immortal Cultures? September 8, 2001 ethics
John R. Jones Plural Pathways: The New Diversity of Faiths in North America and in Southern California November 9, 2002 Adventist culture
Dalton Baldwin Prophecy and Community March 10, 2007 prophecy
Fritz Guy Prophet in a Changing World May 6, 1982 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
Kenneth Samples Prophets and the Apocalypse July 9, 1994 theology
Paul Landa Protestant De-formation, a Treatise on Martin Luthor November 12, 1983 Adventist doctrine, church history
Dr. Willie Davis Racial Injustice, Health Disparities and God’s End-Time Remnant People October 15, 2016 Adventist culture, racial justice
Dale Ratzlaff Reasons Why I No Longer Observe the Sabbath February 10, 1996 Adventist doctrine
Dan Smith Reconciling the Nature of God April 8, 2006 atonement
Edwin Krick Rediscovering the Fountain of Youth May 9, 1992 health
Smuts van Rooyen Rescuing the Adventist Identity March 13, 1999 Adventist culture
Paul McGraw Rescuing the Remnant--LeRoy Froom and the Definition of Adventism October 22, 2011 Adventist doctrine, Adventist history
Ivan Blazen Resurrection of the Living: Corinthian Theology April 11, 1998 Adventist theology
Dalton Baldwin Revelation and the Development of the Biblical Concept of God September 14, 1996 Adventist Beliefs
Arthur Patrick Revisioning the Role of EGW January 10, 1998 Ellen White
Ivan Blazen Romans 3:25 and Another Model For Jesus' Death as a Sacrifice May 10, 1997 Adventist doctrine
Rose Schindler Rose Schindler: Holocaust - Auschwitz Concentration Camp Survivor.. April 20, 2019 Holocaust
Maurice Hodgen S.D.A. Higher Education: a Personal View October 8, 1988 Adventist education
Michael Scofield Sabbath and Sabbath-Keeping– Today November 13, 1999 sabbath
Ron Gladden Same Cart, New Wheels: A Look at Alternatives for Church Organizational Structure March 12, 2005 church structure
Charles McKinstry School Vouchers, Constitution, SDA Education September 9, 2000 church and state
Bernard Taylor Scriptural Models and Metaphors: The Power of the Visual Word November 13, 2004 hermeneutics
Frank Knittel SDA Education: Can It Survive? August 9, 1986 Adventist education
Bernard Taylor SDA Fascination with the Legal Model of Salvation October 11, 1997 Biblical studies
Madelynn Haldeman SDA Message: What If It Were Based on Matthew? April 10, 1999 Biblical studies
Dan Savino SDA Recent Research Findings November 14, 1992 church life
Dale Ratzlaff SDA's Dilemma June 5, 1982 Adventist culture, Adventist doctrine
Ivan Blazen Sexuality: a Biblical Perspective May 19, 2001 Adventist doctrine
Clarence Schilt Small Groups: The Heart of the Church November 13, 1993 church life
Tom Blincoe Some Notes on the Concept of Inspiration and Revelation August 10, 1985 theology
Gerald Toshalis Soul Making: Learning to Live with the Paradox of Faith and Culture February 10, 1990 faith and culture
Alberta Mazat Speaking Up For Sexuality July 13, 1985 sexuality
Bonnie Dwyer Spectrum and Adventist Media January 15, 2000 church life, journalism
Walter Hammerslough Sports: an Acceptable Alternative? July 15, 1989 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
John Testerman Stages of Faith Development: Maturing SDAs April 13, 2002 adventist belief
Ernie Ching Stained Glass Watergate September 11, 1982 church life
Ivan Blazen Submission, Silence, and Babymaking: Tough and Helpful Texts about Women June 9, 2007 Adventist history, theology, women
Richard Rice Suffering and the Search for Meaning February 7, 2015 problem of evil, theodicy
Pierre Steenberg Surviving Christianity August 13, 2005 eschatology
Douglas Hackleman The Absence of Free Will and Some Implications for Christian (specifically SDA) Theology: A Pawn's Progress. May 18, 2002 free will
Raymond Cottrell The Adventist Church of Tomorrow August 10, 1996 Adventist culture
Alan Rice The Adventist Health System in Transition May 10, 1986 Adventism and health
Ron Numbers The Adventist Origins of Creation Science April 4, 2015 creation science
Joyce Hopp The Adventist Response to AIDS February 9, 1991 Adventism and health
Raymond Cottrell The Adventist Theological Society: Diagnosis and Prognosis July 7, 1992 Adventist Beliefs, church history
Frank Knittel The Agony and Ecstasy of Loma Linda Accreditation October 21, 1989 Adventist education
Dorothy Comm The Azaria Case - Could Fiction Be So Strange? April 12, 1986 church history
John R. Jones The B-List: Peter, Paul and Mary May 5, 2012 Biblical studies
John R. Jones The B-List: So what can we conclude about all this? May 6, 2012 Biblical studies
John R. Jones The B-List: So what was Leigh Teabing talking about, anyway? May 4, 2012 Biblical studies
John R. Jones The B-List: The Other Muhammad Ali May 5, 2012 Biblical studies
John R. Jones The B-List: “…and last, but not least, Judas" May 5, 2012 Biblical studies
Michael Walter The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: The War in the Middle East from a Medical Perspective May 12, 2007 medicine, middle east
John Cobb Jr. The Bible and Euthanasia: Is Suicide Always Wrong? September 13, 2008 theology
Desmond Ford The Book of Revelation Revisited January 10, 1987 theology
Larry Downing The Bumpy Road to Remnantville: Its Potholes, Detours, Dead Ends, and U-Turns. November 23, 2019 Adventist eschatology, church governance
Richard Osborn The Case against Galileo -- Lessons for a 21st Century Church March 13, 2004 faith and science
Richard Rice The Challange of a Changing Faith March 10, 1990 faith and culture
Joyce Hopp The Changing Mission of the Adventist Professional May 12, 1990 Adventist culture
Ian Chand The Changing Texture of Adventism February 8, 1986 Adventist culture
Molleurus Couperus The Christian and His Church February 13, 1982 church life
Edwin Zackrison The Christian Community October 12, 1985 Adventist culture
Charles Sandefur The Church and Homosexuality January 12, 1985 homosexuality
Edmund Jones The Church Bureaucracy November 12, 1994 Adventist culture
Janice Von Pohle The Crisis at PUC May 14, 1983 church history, church life
Douglas R. Clark The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Church: Can Any Adventist Thing Come out of Qumran? March 14, 2009 hermeneutics
Raymond Cottrell The Ethos of Adventism August 8, 1998 adventist belief
Alden Thompson The Finances of James and Ellen White February 10, 2007 Ellen White
Phil Robertson The Financial Relationship of Church Structure August 8, 1987 church finance
Raymond Cottrell The Future of Adventism September 10, 1988 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
J. David Newman The Future of the Adventist Ministry December 30, 1989 Adventist culture
James Walters The Greening of Adventism - a New Consciousness Demands Changed Structure August 11, 1984 Adventist culture, church structure
David Larson The Immorality of Miracles September 13, 1986 Adventist doctrine, ethics
Clinton Baldwin The Impact of Oral Tradition and Scribal Activity on Development of Biblical Text July 11, 2009 hermeneutics
Madelyn Haldeman The Interpretation of Scripture: Layman's Challenge April 14, 1984 exegesis
Andrew Howe The Intersection of Faith and Film: Classroom, Living Room, Sanctuary January 9, 2010 education, practical religion
Arthur Patrick The Life and Times of Ellen White: Fact and Faith in the First Scholarly Introduction to the Adventist Prophet? November 14, 2009 Ellen White
Edwin Krick The Lo Carb Craze and the Adventist Lifestyle: Are They Compatible? August 14, 2004 health
Monique Vincent The Marvel and Mystery of Göbekli Tepe May 10, 2014 archaeology
Fred Hoyt The Menace of Mesmerism in Maine: Impact on Two Emerging Religious Group November 8, 2003 Adventist history
Edward Bryan The Myths of the Traditional Family September 14, 1991 religion and culture
Desmond Ford The New Age Octopus January 12, 1991 religion and culture
Lee Greer The New Ptolemaic System:"How the Big Bang Theory"Came to Dominate Modern Cosmology March 8, 2003 science
Wonil Kim The Old Testament: To Read or Not to Read? September 11, 2004 old testament
Jon Paulien The Open Remnant: A Biblical and Historical Vision November 8, 2008 adventist belief, Adventist history
Richard Rice The Openness of God, Past and Present November 10, 2012 theology
Richard Utt The Other Side of the 'Betrayal' Story September 12, 1987 Adventist culture
Charles Teel Jr. The Promise and Peril of Liberation Theology November 8, 1986 theology
Richard Osborn, Richard Winn The Role of Faith Based Colleges in the World of Higher Education March 5, 2011 Adventist eductation
Desmond Ford The Sabbath and the Gospel April 8, 1995 Adventist doctrine
Raymond Cottrell The Sanctuary Problem: Its History and Implications for Seventh-day Adventists March 10, 1984 Adventist Beliefs
Zane Price The Seventh of the Seven: The Origin of the Weekly Rest Day April 10, 2004 sabbath
Harvey Elder The Seventh-day Adventist Church Has AIDS! November 11, 1995 Adventist culture
Fritz Guy The Shape of an Adventist Future May 23, 1987 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
Wesley Ringer The Shut Door January 8, 1983 Adventist doctrine, church history
Lawrence Geraty The Siegfried Horn Diaries: A 70 Year Perspective on the Church and Society January 13, 2001 Adventist history
Kendra Haloviak The Songs of Revelation April 12, 2003 exegesis, music, revelation
John Webster The South African Commission: Reconciliation or ? July 14, 2001 Adventism and politics
Frank Knittel The Southern College Saga April 11, 1992 Adventist culture, church governance
Fritz Guy, Larry Geraty The Story Behind the 27 Fundamental Beliefs April 8, 2000 Adventist doctrine, Adventist history
Anthony Zuccarelli, Gerald Winslow The Test of Cloning: Can Adventists Pass? October 12, 2002 ethics
David Dennis The Theology of Tithe November 11, 2006 church finance
Lanny Fisk The Truth About Earth History March 9, 1985 faith and science
Frank Knittel The Truth Shall Make You Free February 11, 1984 adventist belief, philosophy
David Noel Freedman The Unity of the Hebrew Bible March 10, 2001 Biblical studies
Raymond Cottrell The Waco Syndrome and its Relation to Adventism September 11, 1993 Adventism and politics, Adventist culture
David Larson The Wesleyan Quadrilateral and Adventist Theology April 13, 1996 Adventist doctrine
Larry Christoffel, Raymond Cottrell The"Sanctuary Doctrine"- Asset or Liability? February 9, 2002 Adventist doctrine
Brian Bull, Fritz Guy Then a Miracle Occurs!: Harmonizing the Disparate Realms of Science and Religion July 10, 2004 faith and science
Bruce Wilcox, Douglas Welebir Tithing: the New Test of Employment October 11, 1986 Adventist finance, church life
Frank Knittel To Be or Not to Be: E.G.W. May 14, 1994 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist history
Zane Price Tradition and Enlightenment and the Genesis of Genesis July 13, 2002 Genesis
Bernard Taylor Translating a Translation January 9, 1999 Biblical studies
Edward Reifsnyder Trends in Adventist Education: Do We Need a New Strategy? October 11, 2008 education
Sam Leonor, Tim Gillespie Trends in SDA Young Adult Ministry February 9, 2008 youth ministry
Glen Blix Trends in Vegetarianism July 9, 1988 Adventism and health
Albert Koppel Truth Decay: A Call for Accountability and Transparency in the Adventist Church February 11, 2006 church finance
Howard Weeks Turning the Seventh-day Adventist Church Inside Out (But not Upside Down) January 14, 1989 Adventist culture
Robert Weiland Turning the World Upside Down: Do SDAs Have a Unique Gospel? February 9, 1985 Adventist doctrine
Ervin Taylor Understanding Genesis: Implications of SDA Faith/Science Conferences May 10, 2008 Genesis, science
Jim Walters Utrect '95: Issues, Actions, Implications September 9, 1995 Adventist Beliefs
Bailey Gillespie Valuegenesis and Change: the First Steps May 18, 1991 church life
Bailey Gillespie ValueGenesis II February 12, 2005 church life
Voices of our City Choir Story August 4, 2018
Susan Cayleff Wash and Be Healed: the Water-Cure Movement April 13, 1991 church history
Leonard Brand Whale Fossils in Peru: Implications for Geology and the Faith-Science Debate October 8, 2005 creation, geology
Raymond Cottrell What Do the Rocks Say? March 15, 1986 faith and science
Mike Scofield What Does Church Mean? April 13, 1985 Adventist Beliefs, Adventist culture
Jack Cassell What Goes Around, Comes Around July 10, 1993 adventist belief, Adventist culture
Jim Walters What is a Person? How to Decide Which Human Lives Are Precious March 8, 1997 ethics
Dan Houghton What Will It Take to Accomplish SDA Mission? March 14, 1998 Adventism, mission
Steve Pawluk What's Adventist about Adventist Higher Education August 14, 2010 education
Gary Chartier What's at the Center? LSU Students Explore ... SDA Beliefs February 13, 2010 adventist belief, education
Clive Holland What, the Devil, Is He Doing? January 8, 2005 biotechnology
Eldon Stratton What’s Fundamental about the Twenty-Seven? September 12, 1998 adventist belief
Raymond Cottrell Whither: Adventist Creationism? October 8, 1994 Adventist culture, faith and science
Bernie Wethington, Clela Fuller, Garlyn “Eve” Spurlock, Mic Thurber, Stan Ermshar, Walter Fahlsing Why I Left the Church ... February 12, 1994 Adventist culture
Chuck McKinstry, Glen Coe, Maryan Stirling, Penny Miller, Richard Bates Why I Stay ... January 14, 1995 Adventist culture
Lynn Mallery Why Leaders Must Not Be Trusted August 14, 1993 church governance
Jennifer Schwerzer Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves: Prevention and Proper Handling of Church-related Sexual Abuse July 23, 2016 Adventist culture, sexual abuse
Fay Blix Women and Adventist Culture February 12, 1983 Adventist culture
Dan Smith, Fritz Guy, Halcyon Westphal Wilson Women's Ordination, La Sierra University Church: A Confrontation or a Matter of Conscience? July 13, 1996 Adventist culture
Monte Sahlin Workshop October 6, 1991 church life

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