The Siegfried Horn Diaries: A 70 Year Perspective on the Church and Society

Speaker: Categories: Jan 13, 2001


[57min, 3sec / 55min]


In all likelihood many will have heard mentioned the name Dr. Siegfried Horn. Some may have known him as a professor; some as a personal friend. But it is his meticulously kept diaries which prove so interesting and informative. Dr. Larry Geraty has had these historical gems in his possess ion since Dr. Horn's death.

Dr. Geraty sets the backdrop for San Diego Forum's first meeting of 2001 by noting that the presentation will begin with"an overview of the unusual life of Dr. Siegfried H. Horn, beginning with his early years in Germany, his college years at Friedensau and Stanborough, his years of mission service in the Dutch East Indies, his internment during World War II, first by the Dutch in Indonesia and then the British in India, followed by his graduate education and scholarly career as a Biblica1 scholar, archaeologist, seminary professor and administrator. Most of the time, however, will be devoted to dipping into his voluminous and meticulously-kept diaries that cover the years 1926 to 1993, looking at his perspective on denominationally-interesting events and issues. He will be seen as a loyal churchman but with his own views and interpretations that sometimes differed from the party line."

Does such an introductory sketch whet your appetite? Do you sense a need to be present on January 13 or, if not, want access to a recording of the presentation?


Larry Geraty debuted with our San Diego urn thirteen years ago, January 1988, in sharing with usA Tale of Two Tells. He was also a participant at our April meeting this past yearwhen The Story Behind the Twentysevenwas the topic for discussion. To get know him better, the following, expressed his own words, will be worth noting:

I was born at St. Helena, California, in 1940 to parents who themselves grew up in Northern California. They were both teachers who accepted a missionary call to China shortly after I was born. I grew up behind Japanese lines in Central China during World War II, escaping as the Communists were taking over. My teenage years were spent in the Middle East where my dad was president of Middle East College, founded in 1939 by my father-in-law, Arthur Keough.

So my wife, Gillian, to whom I've been married since 1962, and I have similar backgrounds even though her roots were in the British Isles. I received my education at San Pasqual Academy ('57), Collonges, Newbold, Andrews University Theological Seminary ('63,'65), and Harvard (’72) . I spent 13 years teaching Hebrew Bible and Biblical Archaeology at the Seminary at Andrews where I founded the Horn Archaeological Museum, the Institute for Archeology, and the Madaba Plains Archaeology Project in Jordan. For 8 years I was president at Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, Massachusetts, and for the last 8 years I have been president at La Sierra University. I've authored, edited, and published several books (mostly on archaeology) as well as hundreds of articles. I've lectured, taught and travelled throughout the world with the exception of sub-Saharan Africa. I'm active in a number of scholarly societies as well as civic organizations. Gillian and I have a daughter, Julie, married to an architect in Denver. We have a married son, Brent, who is legal counsel to Andrews University. I spend most of my time working full days in behalf of La Sierra University but I enjoy walking, hiking, and browsing in bookstores.

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