How We Know What Isn't So

Speaker: Categories: Feb 10, 2001


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On what occasions, if any, is it morally right to withhold information rather thantelling it like it is? To what extent, if any, is the maturity of the persons (or organization) involved to be a consideration? Is at all likely that church leaders might act in ways which, when viewed by them in retrospect, could be considered in error, even grossly unfortunate?

Inserting the name of Walter Rea, Sr., into the above adds a special relevance to issues which have troubled the church for a score of years -- issues which continue to be unresolved and for which there seems to be little optimism about reaching solution.

What are some of these issues? How have they been addressed thus far? Who have been the key players? What of the future? Is the SDA church today more mature than it was when Walter Rea first shared some of his discoveries with church leadership.

Dr. Ervin Taylor noted inAdventist Today. December, 2000, that most of us"are lifelong prisoners of our presuppositions."Dr. Walter Rea suggests that this statement provides an excellent backdrop for his February 10 San Diego Adventist Forum presentation,How We Know What Isn't So. Such"misinformation affects our thinking in politics, in finance, and in religion -- three areas I have studied a all my life,"Dr. Rea contends.

You may be wondering what has happened regarding any continuing studies of Ellen White and her use of sources. This, too, will be discussed on February 10. Some of the information will be viewed asstartling developments-- as was Walter Rea's reaction! He assures that the presentation will be positive, rather than negative or critical, in nature. It might even prove to be entertaining!


Born of Irish and German parents in Minnesota in 1922, Walter Rea earned his B.A. in religion at PUC and was ordained to the ministry in 1949. His ministerial service took him to the Central California Conference, the Florida Conference, and the Southern California Conference, 1958-1980. He holds two earned Master’s degrees, a second Bachelor’s degree, and a Ph.D. Since the termination of his ministerial role, he has been active in numerous civic activities. He is still an ordained SDA minister and a member of the Turlock (California) SDA church.

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