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As the new millennium dawns - - or the old millennium ends -- whichever way you see it, an introspective look at Adventist media seems warranted. In particular, a review of the contribution made (and yet to be made) bySpectrum, the journal of the Association of Adventist Forums, would certainly be appropriate for those interested in or members of the San Diego Adventist Forum.

What prompted the emergence of the Association of Adventist Forums with chapters spread around the world? What void in the then-existing SDA printed media didSpectrumseek to fill? Who constituted the intended readership or audience?

Since those early days ofSpectrum, what changes have taken place among the readership? What other publications might be addressing the same audience as those sought by AAF? Is there any evidence of an unwarranted proliferation of media -- all seeking to capture the attention of this same audience? If not, is there still a void of printed media serving this audience?

Some have become aware of rather significant changes inSpectrumwithin the past year. Its new editorial staff perhaps may be seen to have expanded the image ofSpectrumfrom a dedicated academic publication to something broader in scope and intent. Has the newly relocated office for this journal, from east coast to west coast, encouraged such changes?

By the way, does an annual membership in the Association of Adventist Forums give you a complimentary one-year subscription toSpectrum-- or does a one year subscription toSpectrumgive you a complimentary one-year membership in the Association of Adventist Forums? Does it make any difference - - one way or the other?

The first San Diego Adventist Forum Chapter meeting of 2000 will provide opportunity to hear from and share with theSpectrumeditors, Bonnie Dwyer and Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson.

(NOTE: audio quality is poor at times. This is because the original cassette recording master had some audio problems. However the main presentation quality is acceptable)


Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson, assistant editor ofSpectrumis a 1997 graduate of Pacific Union College where she majored in French, graphic design, and international communication. She enjoys translating poetry and prose from Japanese into English, painting, and ice skating. She is at work on her first novel.

Bonnie Dwyer, editor ofSpectrum, holds degrees in journalism from La Sierra University and California State University at Fullerton. As a writer and news editor forSpectrumshe has written about sports in SDA schools, the Davenport affair, the legal case of Russell Hustwaite, and the election of Robert S. Folkenberg. She became editor in September, 1998.

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