Adventism and the Holy Spirit

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Though originally announcing the title of this meeting to beCharismatic Adventism, Dr. Ford has chosen to broaden the focus to include looking at ways in which the Holy Spirit may be manifested in our culture today. To set the background for this discussion, he notes,"Early Adventism was characterized by charismatic elements including visions, prophecy, healings, tongues, as well as other physical manifestations. But the maturing Ellen White more and more warned against excesses in religious worship, advising that the world would not be converted through the gift of tongues but by the gospel - - and that sanity and order should prevail in worship."

"Until the end of the nineteenth century,"Des Ford observes, "few Adventists believed in the personality of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit, to the church, was an it, a power, rather than a Person. The publication ofDesire of Ageschanged that. However, since that time, most Adventists have been tritheists rather than trinitarians, conceiving of the Godhead as three separate persons, rather than one God manifest in three persons who are distinct but not separate."

"In recent decades invitations to charismatic revival have affected a number of Adventist centers, including our colleges. Possibly in part this is a reaction to what is seen as barrenness and sterility in regular SDA worship. With thelaughter phenomenonand theToronto blessingcame a new surge of interest in charismatic activities among many Adventists,"Dr. Ford contends.


Dr. Desmond Ford, a Queenslander returning for his sixth visit to the San Diego Adventist Forum, became an Adventist in 1945 at age 16. After four years of study at Avondale College, he worked as a colporteur and later as an evangelist in Australia. He completed his MA at Potomac University and his first PhD at Michigan State University.

He has authored hundreds of articles and more than twenty books, some of which will be available at the July 8 Forum meeting. Travels for GNU have logged more than a million air miles. He and Gil will soon return to Australia to guide the work of GNU there.

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