Contemporary SDA Sexual Mores

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Dr. Daily notes:"Adventism is certainly a subculture with more than its share of sexual baggage. I saw this growing up as I was exposed to books likeMessages to Young Peopleand experienced life in the Adventist boarding academy. I saw it in college and seminary and in the lives of some of my favorite pastors who became ensnared in adulterous affairs. I documented the roots of some of our sexual pathology in a doctoral dissertation at Claremont. In more recent years I have listened to university students and married couples in counseling sessions, and to graduate students in classes I have taught in Marriage and Family Therapy. In addition to this my wife of 26 years and I are currently raising children who are 21, 14 and 10 years of age, an adventure that consistently exposes us to the challenges of trying to produce Christian young people in a culture that is extremely obsessed with sex."

What has been your experience? What Adventist-associated factors might you identify which have had significant impact upon your attitudes toward that three-letter word:SEX? What concerns, if any, might you have regarding contemporary Adventist sexual mores? What questions would you like to pose for an SDA counselor in marriage and family to consider and answer?


Steve Daily is a licensed psychologist with specialties in adolescence and marriage and family therapy. In addition to his Ph.D., he also holds an M.Div., D.Min. and MA in history. He is the father of three children and the husband of Erlys, his wife of 26 years. He is the author of various books, including:Adventism for a New Generation,The Heresies of Jesus,Jesus for a New Generation,Jesus, My Body, and Me: A Sexual Primer for Pre-Adolescent Children, andSpiritual ABCs for a New Millennium. For the past twenty years he has been part of the teaching faculty at La Sierra and Loma Linda Universities. He devoted nineteen of those years to serving as the campus chaplain at LSU. He is currently the director of the KEYS (Keeping Education Your Strength) Family Resource Center in Orange County (an ADRA affiliate agency) and a pastor at the Garden Grove SDA Church. He is a member of the editorial staff ofAdventist Today.

Dr. Daily has shared his research and insights with our San Diego Adventist Forum on two previous occasions: April, 1987, when he discussedAgainst All Odds: Keeping our North American Youth; and in April, 1994,Adventism for a New Generation.

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