October SDAF meeting one of the most useful ever.

The strongly positive response received following Dr. Paul McGraw’s October 22 presentation is continuing. High praise for this meeting is now being received from enthusiastic media subscribers who, after listening to their CD, are ordering additional copies to share with family members and friends.

Many have referred to the practical usefulness of Dr. McGraw’s remarks in dealing with not only their own possibly less-than-ideal experience growing up in Adventism but also with their children’s and grandchildren’s experiences to which they may have contributed.

Interestingly, much of the presentation was delivered in an appealing, often humorous style not always characteristic of history professors’ lectures. Dr. McGraw’s one-liners included “stop passing on your (SDA) issues to your kids because then I have to deal with them when they come to college;” “it’s easier not to wear jewelry than act like a Christian;” “health reform was given to keep us well here, not to get us to heaven;” “if Adventism is just Methodism on Sabbath we should quit;” & “the challenge of Adventism is not to purify ourselves out of existence.” It’s not too late to get in on the practical information and fun...download the meeting (soon to be available) or order your CD directly from the SDAF website today.

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