What Will It Take to Accomplish SDA Mission?

Speaker: Categories: Mar 14, 1998


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Most often Forum meetings focus on controversial issues facing Adventism. And, as some would observe, there's no shortage of such topics! The March meeting, however, will address a topic which, rather than being controversial, tends not to be much discussed: accomplishing the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Included will be an examination of the relationship between the intuitional church, i.e., the Southeastern California Conference, and an independent agency, i.e., Hart Research Center.

Dan Houghton notes,"The Seventh-day Adventist Church was born in the midst of a spiritual awakening and has become what many believe is a prophetic movement of destiny. This did not occur in a vacuum. A small group of people achieved forward progress by finding thecommon ground[editor's emphasis] they shared and growing together in relationship with Christ and each other. Today, that small group has developed into a diverse, broad based, cosmopolitan segment of the world population. How do we and how should relate to the accomplishment of this mission as we approach the next millennium?"

"The passions and dreams of a think-tank group, based in Southern California, will be shared,"our March speaker promises. By the way, what is the mission of the SDA Church?


Dan Houghton lives in Fallbrook, California, with his Wife, Karen, and two sons, Danny and Jamey. Dan is president of Hart Research Center, also based in Fallbrook, and along with Karen and their boys, is dedicated tocreating momentswhere the Holy Spirit has maximum opportunity to work in the lives of people. Graduates of Andrews University, Dan and Karen have been a part of Hart Research Center for ten years. Prior to that Dan served in various administrative roles in the Adventist Health System in the Midwest. In addition Dan currently serves as the president of Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries (ASI), an association of about one thousand SDA business, professional, and supporting ministry members.

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