John’s Understanding of the Book of Daniel

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Many readers have spent one or more semesters/quarters enrolled in a course on theBook of Danieland/or theBook of Revelation. It may be that inherent in Adventism is a fascination, perhaps even a preoccupation, with understanding and dispensing information aboutD& R. Books have been written on the topic. Scholars have met and conferred. Pastors and professors have spoken cautiously. Some have dared share their non-traditional insights. Some have been defrocked!

Rather than debating the meaning of a particular verse, phrase, or expression, would another approach be likely to produce a more nearly correct understanding? If so, what might that approach include? Our speaker will share his findings“regarding how the Apostle John uses and develops expressions and themes from the Book of Daniel in his Gospel, his Epistles, and in the Book of Revelation.” He notes, “John develops many of the themes of the Book of Daniel, but from a late first century, Christian perspective -- themes such as the coming tribulation, the three-and-half times, the desolation and restoration of the sanctuary, the coming judgment, the spread of truth in the last days, etc. Consideration will be given to John's application of references from Daniel to his own message, especially to the typological method which he employs.”

"Often Daniel has been filtered through the eyes of Christian church history,” observes our July speaker,"but the focus for this presentation is on how John, the last living disciple of Jesus, provides the finalcanonical wordon the subject of eschatology in the New Testament.”

Such a discussion should be of particular interest and paramount importance to Seventh-day Adventists who feel commissioned to prepare the world for Christ's return through the proclamation of the three angels'messages of Revelation 14 -- a passage rich with the themes of Daniel.


Since 1986 Larry Christoffel has been Pastor for Church Ministries at Loma Linda Campus Hill. He has taught classes in the Books of Daniel and Revelation at LLU School of Religion where he is now an adjunct professor. A graduate of Columbia Union College (B.A. in Theology, 1968) and of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary (M.Div., 1970), he pastored in the Ohio Conference (1970-79) and in the Georgia Cumberland Conference (1981-86) as well as teaching at Mount Vernon Academy (1979-81). He has conducted seminars on Daniel and Revelation and has written forMinistryandAdventist Today. He has participated in San Diego Adventist Forum meetings as a responder to Kenneth Samples and as panelist on the Gender Inclusiveness Commission presentation on women in ministry. He and his wife Joyce have three sons: Eric, Jeff, and Greg. .

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