Apologists and Scholors: Can They Peacefully Co-exist within SDA Church?

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Finding a speaker replacement - on rather short notice - poses a special challenge, especially during the summer months when many potential speakers might be vacationing. Fortunately, Dr. Fred Hoyt accepted the invitation for this August 9 appointment rather than staying with the earlier schedule for his next session with SDAF about a year from now.

The topic, selected from among several for which he already had papers written, would seem of timely interest to SDAs. Dr. Hoyt notes,"Several distinct approaches are utilized for elucidating our complex past: fictional accounts where imagination often knows no bounds (especially in creating dramatic, truth-filled dialog); apologetics; hagiography; dramas; artistic works (with no apparent control on artistic license); biography; and what can be termed standard, scholarly, academic, historical studies."

Further, he acknowledges,"This August 9 presentation will seek to compare, contrast, and evaluate two of these approaches: (1) the apologetic (as represented principally by F. D. Nichol), and (2) the scholarly, historical study which follows the methodology of an academic discipline."


Dr. Frederick Hoyt, the man of the hour for August, is well-known to many members of SDAF who have heard him, either in person or via recordings, in the past. His commitment to scholarly research as an historian has been evident and emphasized in the four previous presentations noted below:

July, 1999 --John Wesley: Father of SDA Health Reform

October, 2000 -Medical Biography: Ellen Gould Harmon White

November, 2003 --The Menace of Mesmerism in Maine

August, 2006 --EGW& Plagiarism from an Historian's Perspective
Fred G. Hoyt earned his B.A. at La Sierra College, 1948, in history and religion; his M.A. and Ph.D. in history at Claremont University, 1955 and 1963. He joined the faculty at La Sierra in 1955 where he taught history, political science, and sociology. Though now retired, he continues to devote full time to ongoing research and writing.

His completed, unpublished, manuscripts which have not been presented to SDAF - as yet - are:

EGW's Ethnicity; Millerism and Insanity; and EGW's Return Home Aboard the SS Moana. Though already published, EGW's Education in Portland Schools, has not been presented at San Diego Adventist Forum - as yet.

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