A Better World: How compassion and justice can flourish in an eschatological faith

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Historically, Adventists provide a case study in working to make their world better even while living in expectation of the second coming. This is perhaps due to Adventism's unique blend of this-worldliness with its future-worldliness.

Protestants seem divided between those with a justice-oriented "prophetic eschatology" and those with an otherworldly or future-worldly "apocalyptic eschatology" (Martin Buber's terms). Spurred by key New Testament scholars (e.g., N. T. Wright, Scot McKnight), Evangelical Protestants are now moving increasingly into a justice orientation. Will they need to abandon the apocalyptic elements of their eschatology? Or can the prophetic justice and apocalyptic elements be held in tension and enable believers work for a better world?

About David Neff

David Neff is editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, a magazine for Christian leaders. He previously edited HIS InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's magazine for college students.

Before embarking on his career as a writer and editor, he pastored churches in the Southeastern California Conference and at Walla Walla College. He serves on the boards of the National Association of Evangelicals and the Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies. He participates in interfaith dialogue with Jews, Muslims, and Mormons.

His theological and ethical interests range from the importance of patristics for modern Christians to the interrelationship of compassionate action and gospel proclamation. He and his wife, the former LaVonne Pease, have two daughters and four grandchildren whom they adore.

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