Entire SDAF Archives Soon Available Digitally!

Very exciting news.  While about one-half of our 30-year plus archives of over 250 meetings are currently available in digital format (CDs or downloadable mp3 files), it was very encouraging to recently learn that the digitization of the remaining lectures/meetings is ahead of schedule.  The new sound files are in the process of being electronically cleaned up and are now expected to be ready for purchase well before year end.  In the meantime, the complete archive list is available (just click on “archives” above) and is a great source for reviewing the resources that are being updated. 

Several of the all star, classic presenters (such as Raymond Cottrell and Fred Hoyt) are no longer with us but their lectures are still fascinating and timely.  Why not look over the list, pick out your favorites and be ready to download them as soon as they are posted?  An announcement will be made here as soon as they are ready, so please visit often.

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