The Open Remnant: A Biblical and Historical Vision

Speaker: Categories: Nov 08, 2008


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What term would you - and perhaps many other SDAs - most readily associate and almost inevitably identify with Adventism? What word would most likely fill in the blank when referring to us as"the ___________________________?

Dr. Jon Paulien, a new presenter at SDAF, notes,"Seventh-day Adventists have traditionally understood the institutional SDA Church to be the remnant church of Bible prophecy. Increasing numbers of Adventists, however, have become uncomfortable with this self-designation, in part because such a claim is perceived in the mainstream of society as arrogant and self-serving. This reality has provoked me to investigate the issue further in two different directions.

-- First, I took a fresh look at the biblical basis for the remnant concept. I discovered in the Old Testament thatremnantis used in three distinct ways. When this three-fold perspective on the remnant was applied to the New Testament data, it completely transformed my understanding of what Rev 12: 17 is telling us.

-- Second, I discovered that top-rank historians of the history of Christianity are beginning to see the kinds of things featured in The Great Controversy, a primary source of the Adventist remnant theology. Combining the two sets of data led me to theshocking conclusionI vill share on November 8."

What shocking conclusion do you think Dr. Paulien will report on that date?


Jon Paulien is Professor of Religion and Dean of the School of Religion at Loma Linda University. He is the author of twenty-one books and more than two hundred articles (Adventist Review, Ministry, Journal of Biblical Literature, Biblical Research, Andrews University Seminary Studies, among others), scholarly papers (Society of Biblical Literature, Chicago Society for Biblical Research, among others) and yet other publications.

Jon is a specialist in the study of the Johannine literature in the New Testament (Gospel of John and Book of Revelation)and the intersection of faith with contemporary culture. He also takes special delight in seminars and presentations to non-specialists who can make practical use of the material in the real world. When not at work, Jon enjoys being with his wife, Pamela, and their three children. He also enjoys travel, golf, and photography when time permits.

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