Reasons Why I No Longer Observe the Sabbath

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When this topic was first suggested by a San Diego Forum member, this writer was rather uncertain as to the purpose or benefit of such a discussion. What good would be accomplished by listening to arguments which would apparently counter one of the basic tenets of Seventh-day Adventist Church? However, further consideration resulted in remembering that one reason the Association of Adventist FORUMS came into being was to examine all sides of issues confronting Adventism. All sides would seem to include even those perspectives which many Seventh-day Adventists would categorically dismiss as irrelevant.

It also became more apparent that unless thinking Seventh-day Adventists (perhaps Forum-types) are willing to examine -- and reexamine -- truth objectively, we may be holding on to doctrines based on conclusions passed down from the past rather than arriving at conclusions based on personal investigation. Truth should be able to withstand examination and review - - without fear that such study might lead to conclusions different from the past. Would you agree?

Dale Ratzlaff did just that: he arrived at a different perspective on the Sabbath than that which he had been taught, a perspective which probably differs from views held by most readers of this announcement.


Dale Ratzlaff pastored Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Southern and Central California Conferences from 1969 through 1981 before leaving the Adventist ministry. Since then he has pastored several churches of other denominations and has spent some years in sales. He is author of Sabbath in Crisis, a 352-page book which has had a major impact on the Worldwide Church of God. He and his wife, Carolyn, reside in Sedona, Arizona, where he is pastor of a non-denominational, evangelical church.

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