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Last February a panel of five, moderated by Mic Thurber, presented their reasons for discontinuing membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This panel was a follow-up of the previous month's topic, I Left the Church Because . . . , a research paper presented by Dr. Paul Landa.

Several attenders at these meetings suggested that, after hearing from those who chose to leave, it would be enlightening to hear from those who remain a part of the church even though they have concerns and/or questions about church doctrines, church organization, even church politics. It is from this group that our panelists have been selected for the first Forum meeting in 1995.


Richard Bates, a graduate of Loma Linda University, is a research physicist for the U.S. government in the area of infrared psychics. He has been active in church leadership roles serving as' chair of the San Diego Academy board and currently teaching a Sabbath School class in the San Diego Tierrasanta Church.

Glen Coe, who received his BA and MA degrees from Andrews University, is a partner in a Connecticut based law firm. He has served several terms as president of the Association of Adventist Forums and currently is special projects director of AAF. He is an elder in his local church, school board chair, and serves on the Atlantic Union Executive Committee.

Penny Miller, who received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Loma Linda University and her Ph.D. from the University of California in Education Administration, is a member of the Loma Linda School of Nursing and Graduate School faculty. She has been active in church life in a variety of local church, Conference, and Union leadership roles, including serving a third four-year term on the Southeastern California Conference Executive Committee. She received the 1994 Adventist Woman of the Year Professional Life Award.

Maryan Stirling, a journalism graduate of Pacific Union College, has been an Adventist for fifty-two years. She is often published in SDA journals, preaches occasionally, is a member of the SECC Gender Inclusiveness Taskforce, and is active in Women's Church at La Sierra. She and her husband, Jim, have been involved with the recently introduced journal, Adventist Today.

Charles McKinstry, panel moderator, an LLU alumnus, is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law where he received his jurisdoctorate and of San Diego State, Master of Arts in Educational Administration. He is Superintendent of Schools for Southeastern California Conference and also maintains a private law practice. He is well known to San Diegans as teacher and principal at San Diego Academy.

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