Is Christianity the Only True Religion?

Speaker: Categories: Aug 12, 1995


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For some the very title of this month's Forum presentation elicits a negative, perhaps even angry, response. In fact, when contact was first made with Dr. Larson to inquire about his availability for a return visit to San Diego and this title was suggested, this writer swallowed slowly and took a deep breath. After all, we've all known the answer to that question -- haven't we?

David Larson observes, "Many thoughtful Adventists have been exploring the relationships -- positive and negative -- between their denomination and other forms of Christianity. Important as it is, however, this exploration is part of a much larger quest that seeks to understand the proper relationships between all forms of Christianity and the various non-Christian movements such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam. Indeed, until we have reached satisfactory interpretations of the relationships between Christianity and non-Christian religions, it will be difficult, if not impossible, properly to understand the relationships between Adventism and other Christian denominations."

How's that for an introduction, a challenge to our security, to our confidence that we, and only we, have it right?

"Understanding how people with very different religious outlooks should view each other," David Larson notes, "is a matter of much current scholarship. It is also a matter of practical importance for all humans. Religious differences will continue to spark armed conflicts that destroy many human lives around the earth until people of all religions learn to identify their similarities and to respect their differences."

Dr. Larson promises that the August 12 Forum "presentation will highlight the challenges now posed by religious diversity, identify the primary ways their differences are now viewed by Christian and non-Christian thinkers, and propose some guidelines that emerge from Adventist resources."

Are you curious to know more? Are you interested in what these Adventist resources have already contributed or are contributing to this discussion? Do you wonder who might even be researching the topic? Have you considered the potential implications the answer to the title of this month's presentation might have?


David Larson is Professor of Christian Ethics and Co-Director of the Center for Christian Bioethics at Loma Linda University. He has been a member of the faculty of religion at LLU since 1974. He has published a number of articles in denominational and scholarly journals and edited the book, Abortion: Ethical Issues and Options. He has spoken at the San Diego before with his most recent presentation in September, 1986: The Immorality Miracles.

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