Prophets and the Apocalypse

Speaker: Categories: Jul 09, 1994


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On a positive and reassuring note Kenneth Samples notes "Though they splintered off from Adventism, the Branch Davidians departed radically from the ways of their spiritual ancestors. The group's most notorious landmarks -- including their later view of marriage and sex, the widespread instances of Intimidation and abuse, and the military-like conduct and activities governing the rank and file - - have never been part of the broader Adventist tradition."

"The Davidians' most publicized doctrines and practices," continues our July speaker, "find their origins in David Koresh's bizarre thinking, abusive personality, and deviant behavior. Yet even the prophet's religious ideas did not emerge in a vacuum. Koresh took key Adventist themes and twisted them into his own configurations. The result was deadly."

"The responsibility for the tragedy that played itself out in Waco must ultimately rest upon Koresh and his misguided followers. But even so, it should be recognized that the Davidian leader's troubled outlook was greatly influenced by the prophetic and apocalyptic focus of Adventism's theology which, in turn, grew out of a nineteenth-century movement spawned by William Miller."

Kenneth Samples then raises several issues which seem to strike closer to home: "Are there danger signs in Adventist theology? What of Adventism's concepts of apocaypticism, remnant, restorationism, and modern day prophets?"


Kenneth Samples, while associated with the Christian Research Instituted (CRI) directed by cult expert Walter Martin, addressed our Forum Chapter with a presentation entitled, An Evangelical Looks at Adventism, in March, 1989. He currently serves as director and professor at the newly founded Augustine Fellowship Study Center in Hemet. He has authored numerous articles and co-author to two books: The Cult of the Virgin: Catholic Mariology and the Apparitions of Mary and, just published, Prophets of the Apocalypse: David Koresh and Other American Messiahs.

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