Adventist in Exile

Speaker: Categories: Aug 13, 1994


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What happened at Southern College (or is still happening)? San Diego Forum has heard various perspectives on what Dr. Gladson refers to as the holocaust at Southern. Dr. Frank Knittel, in his April, 1992, presentation, more graciously referred to this episode as The Saga at Southern.

Dr. Gladson contends that tensions over theology precipitated administrative decisions which terminated veteran and key faculty who had served the institution long and well.

(Dr. Gladson, by the way, served fifteen years on that campus from 1972-87.) These theological issues were used as "political ammunition," according to Jerry Gladson, and included: "righteousness by faith, the investigative judgment, and Ellen G. White."

After tracing this conflict, Dr. Gladson will tell how North American Division pressure compelled him to leave Adventism as well as Southern and then prompted him to seek a haven in mainstream Protestantism. Hence, he has titled his remarks: Adventist in Exile.


Jerry A. Gladson, a graduate of Southern [Missionary] College with a major in Theology, earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Old Testament from Vanderbilt University. Prior to joining the faculty at Southern College in 1972, be pastored in the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. After leaving Southern College, he served as Dean at the Psychological Studies Institute, Atlanta, Georgia, 1987-92. He is currently senior minister of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Garden Grove. He has authored five books and more than one hundred articles in technical and popular journals. His Wife, Karyn Shadboldt Gladson, is Director of Pastoral Care at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach.

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