Whither: Adventist Creationism?

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By now it's likely that some will have heard of that shot-heard round-the-world panel discussion on creationism at Loma Linda on April 2. And by now most readers will have read or heard reactions to this controversial meeting which prompted a broadside condemnation of some of the participants, especially the organizers, from the General Conference president, Robert Folkenberg. And you probably also know that this month's San Diego Adventist Forum speaker was the moderator of that provocative discussion.

Dr. Cottrell, who has challenged our Forum Chapter's thinking at ten previous meetings, notes, "The creation versus evolution issue is of major importance to Seventh-day Adventists because it involves: (1) the integrity of the Bible account of creation, (2) the integrity of the Sabbath as a memorial of creation, (3) the integrity of Ellen G. White's repeated statements about the earth being only about six thousand years old, and (4) our personal integrity as we try to relate rationally and responsibly to the seemingly disparate data of the Bible and the observed phenomena of the natural world."

How's that for setting the stage? Does the topic and Or. Cottrell's introduction cause you to take notice and ask where your thinking might be on this matter?

"Prior to George McCready Price (d. 1963)," Dr. Cottrell continues, "relatively little appeared in Adventist publications on the subject, and even his extensive attention to it consisted of arm-chair apologetics. The first Adventist scientist to conduct [a] field study of the geological record was Harold W. Clark, for many years a teacher at Pacific Union College. Mounting tension between the Bible account of creation and increasing awareness of scientific data that appeared to challenge it led the church, in 1967, to establish the Geoscience Research Institute to provide guidance in this area."


Dr. Cottrell's rich background of experience includes serving as a pastor in this Union (1930-34), as an administrator and teacher in China (1934-41), college professor at PUC (1941-52), editor roles, Review and Herald Publishing Association (1952-77), including editor of the SDA Bible Commentary, and, most recently, editor of the newly founded periodical, Adventist Today.

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