Perverting the Process: an Assessment of the Seventh Triennial Session of the Southeastern California Conference

Speaker: Categories: Apr 10, 1993


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Conference constituency meetings, for some, connote politics and palaver. Others see such gatherings as opportunities for personal participation in doing the work of the church. Some would never, ever serve as delegates -- they've gone once and experienced burnout! Others, perhaps more foolhardy, look forward to such occasions.

What happened September 20, 1992? Was this a routine constituency meeting, a business-as-usual session with selection of new officers and approval of minor constitutional changes or a milestone event with long-term, ripple-like effects to be felt in many places and over many years?

In keeping with the constitutional guidelines, the Nominating Committee met and deliberated weeks before the session. At the Triennial Session that committee recommended that Craig Newborn be voted to fill the then vacant office of conference president.

"Following a deeply disparaging assessment of the nominee, " notes our April speaker, "by the Pacific Union President, Tom Mostert, the delegates referred the nomination back to the Nominating Committee."

Mr. Hackleman continues, "A thorough, post session investigation has revealed that the Union president's assessment of the first nominee (in a selectively distributed pre-session FAX-memo and verbally from the session floor) was fundamentally false."

Doug Hackleman states, "The newly elected SECC Executive Committee received and reviewed the results of the investigation, received and listened to [President] Mostert's rebuttal, and then voted a surprisingly strong action condemning the Union Conference president's behavior."


Doug Hackleman, a graduate of Columbia Union College (BA, psychology, 1970) and Pepperdine University (MA, psychology, 1973), has taught at both Loma Linda and La Sierra Universities. In 1983 he embarked on the publication of Adventist Currents, a news sheet candidly informing readers of happenings within Adventism. Currently, his interests are focused on the visual arts. Later this month he will unveil a new pose of Christ entitled, The Listening Jesus.

Doug and his wife, Jan (who is an RN and licensed marriage and family therapist), have two daughters: Hilary (7) and Deidra (4). Their home is in Grand Terrace.

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