Communication Technology and the Four Ages of Adventism

Speaker: Categories: Aug 08, 1992


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"Church can be defined (among other things) as a community of believers" asserts Mike Scofield. "But community is more than the sum of the individuals. And it is more than a random collection of individuals. There are bonds," he continues, "which hold the community together -- bonds of common beliefs, values, world view, and experiences. These bonds are realized," Mr. Scofield contends, "through communication, and the nature of the communication defines the bonds, and hence the community."

The original glue which held a set of widely-scattered believers together to form the Millerite movement was a common quest for truth -- to understand what God was doing in the world (or in the universe)," observes our August speaker.

"Because how we communicate changes, the glue that holds the community of believers also changes, and hence the nature of that community," Mike posits.


Mike Scofield, an Orange County resident, has spent nearly all of his professional career in some aspect of information technology. He has applied his skills and insights to analyzing the church as an institution. From that analysis has emerged a set of observations and conclusions which Mike has organized into a very thought-provoking paper, to be shared on August 8.

Mike's Adventist roots go back six generations. His great, great, great grandfather was recruited to Adventism by Joseph Bates! He has been active in a variety of volunteer capacities including: the Pacific Union Church Structure Committee (1984); the Union Conference Audit Committee (1984); and Board of Directors, Association of Adventist Forums, 1979-86. This writer first became acquainted with Mike as the Southern Pacific Region representative for AAF.

Mike has been a presenter at the San Diego Chapter AAF on two earlier occasions: 9/81 -- ''Why Do Church Administrators Make the Decisions They Do?" and 4/85 - "The Church: Image versus Reality." He has some unique insights and perspectives which will certainly give his audience something to ponder well into the future. Don't miss it!

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