Examining NAD Evangelism

Speaker: Categories: Sep 12, 1992


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"'I have not despaired, but I am not satisfied,' said Alfred C. McClure, president of the North American Division, at the opening of a creative 'Think Tank' on evangelism," reported the Adventist Review in the July 2, 1992 issue. "'In North America we have a crisis in Anglo evangelism,'" continued the Review article. This meeting, which brought together forty persons at the Adventist Media Center in Thousand Oaks to brainstorm evangelism in North America, was directed by our September speakers, Bailey Gillespie and Stu Tyner.

"Our presentation . . . takes a close look at the current state of Adventist evangelism and peers into the future of evangelistic outreach," avers Tyner. "In specific, we will be addressing five aspects of the subject:

a. The Definition of Evangelism

b. Who Speaks for Evangelism?

c. The Growing Tensions

d. Clarifying the Message

e. The Use of Contemporary Methods"

Does this sound like an appropriate topic for a Forum discussion? Isn't it more suitable for a workers' meeting or a ministerial retreat? Is evangelism an issue within Adventism? If so, at what point did it become an issue -- or has it always been?


Bailey Gillespie, a speaker twice at San Diego during the past year discussing the Valuegenesis Study, is a graduate of Andrews University and Claremont Graduate School. He is a twenty-year member of the La Sierra University faculty in the School of Religion.

Stu Tyner is the new Director of the John Hancock Center for Youth Ministry at La Sierra. His responsibilities include coordination of research, creation of youth ministry resources, and direction of training workshops and seminars. He has served as Editorial Vice President for Concerned Communications and as Director of Concept Development at the Review and Herald Publishing Association where he edited Cornerstone Connection. He has had a primary role in the development and examination of the Valuegenesis survey.

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