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"Statistics don't lie; statisticians do!" You've heard the adage. Do you believe it? What about Adventist statisticians? Are their findings credible?

Our November speaker notes "Seventh-day Adventist culture and traditions are well-defined. With rare exception we can stand outside the church during Sabbath School and, looking at our watch, know what is happening at the moment on the inside. The bulletin will be familiar, and all around the world we will be studying the same thing during lesson time. We might even be able to guess pretty accurately what will be on the potluck table ... don't be too sure!"

Dan Savino further observes, "Our yesterdays are not our todays. Change is affecting the church, and the attitudes of members toward its role and authority in their lives. Do we evaluate the effectiveness of outreach programs by body counts in the baptistery? (Ed: Remember the September discussion on evangelism?) What about the quality of our nurture activities? Are we scratching where the itch is?"

Where does research fit into this scenario? Why bother asking questions?

"The purpose," asserts Elder Savino, "is not simply to identify problems, dissect subgroups, or even look for consensus on direction. It is to understand better who we are and how we can help each other be what God wants us to be. Let's make sure there are Questions for our answers. And be willing to look for new answers if the questions have changed since the last time we really talked together."

Sound interesting? How do you perceive the Adventist church? Is it meeting your needs? How about the needs of your children? . . . your parents? . . . people your age? From your perspective how has the church changed in recent years? Are the changes for the better or . . . ?


A graduate of Pacific Union College, Dan has served as pastor, evangelist, and youth director at conference and union levels. He has been director of Research and Development for the Pacific Union Conference for the past five years during which nine major surveys have been conducted. He was instrumental in the planning and delivery of the T.R.A.C. '92 convention, focusing on Baby Boomers, earlier this year. He is the recipient of the North American Division Award for Professional Excellence.

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