The New Age Octopus

Speaker: Categories: Jan 12, 1991


[43min, 17sec / 38min, 38sec]


Interest in the New Age Movement varies dramatically. For some, the term itself may be unknown; to others, the term elicits an immediate, negative response. Many, however, have heard about aspects of the Movement, though not associating them directly.

But why should I be concerned about the New Age Movement even if I'm not involved with it? Could it influence my religious views?

Dr. Ford comments that 60 million Americans are engaged in New Age practices. Another 400 million are similarly involved world-wide. Further, he contends, "The New Age philosophy with its eclectic assemblage of teachings from Hinduism, Spiritism, Mind-control, and the Positive Thinking cults -- Astrology, Scientology, etc., is rushing into a vacuum created by the decay of religious faith in the West. It permeates aspects of government, education, medicine, the media, religion, and many other fields."

“All of us are affected by it in one way or another,” he maintains. “Its teachings regarding Karma and reincarnation are directly opposed to the New Testament gospel.”


Des Ford is no stranger to San Diego, having been a presenter at our Chapter meetings three times in the past decade (1981, 1987, 1989). Born in Australia where he also served as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor for seven years, he taught at PUC 1977-79.

He has authored more than sixteen books, including scholarly commentaries on Daniel and Revelation. His research in Daniel and the traditional Adventist teaching regarding an investigative judgment compelled him to publicly state his findings and conclusions -- originally at a FORUM meeting at PUC. That was more than ten years ago -- almost seems like ancient history now. Since that time much, very much, has happened.

He now serves as president of Good News Unlimited, a parachurch ministry with non-profit status. Dr. Ford speaks over radio in many U. S. and Canadian cities. He also hosts a television program, “Worth More than a Million.”

Our thinking has been challenged each time he has met with us. We look forward to being similarly challenged on January 12.

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