Ministering to Baby Boomers

Speaker: Categories: Feb 26, 1991


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Ministering to whom, you might ask? Is this a hoax or a farce? Is there such a group who might be identified as Baby Boomers (BB)?

"In the United States," according to our January 26 speaker, "one can find over 77 million Baby Boomers who were born 1946 to 1964. This is the best studied generation in recent history," he states. "It would be easy for the Adventist church to think it knows BBs from the statistics. But how can we get beyond the percentages to the people? How can we reach and reclaim BBs into loving fellowship?"

Now you should have a better understanding of just who this group is. You should also be aware that many church leaders would consider this group to be most "at risk" in terms of their attachment and loyalty to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is from this group that church leadership must be drawn over the next several decades. It is this group that must provide stable support for the institution of Adventism as older members transfer their mantles to the younger generation.


Paul Richardson, a graduate of Walla Walla College, is owner of a media/publishing business in Portland, Oregon. He has a special knowledge and understanding of Baby Boomers and is a frequent seminar presenter on Baby Boomers topics.

In late January he will be participant in the North American Division Church Ministries Department conference at the San Diego Town and Country Hotel. Hence, this seemed our golden opportunity to "capture" him while he would be in this area.

Paul Richerson publishes a newsletter, ABBA -- Adventist Baby Boomer Awareness, which, in a stimulating and provocative manner, addresses the concerns and interests of the Baby Boomers among us.

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