Valuegenesis and Change: the First Steps

Speaker: Categories: May 18, 1991


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"After three years of planning, research, and analysis by literally hundreds of individuals, the initial reports on how well the church is passing on its faith and educating its young people have been heard." With these words Myron Widmer, associate editor of the Adventist Review, began the editorial which was published in the January 31, 1991 issue, referring to Project Affirmation/Valuegenesis.

It has become increasingly difficult to participate in any discussion with church leaders -- educators, pastors, administrators -- without some reference being made to Valuegenesis.

Such references often cause a pause in the conversation, create some air of expectancy, and transmit an anxiety about just what the research data have produced. In essence, the question may be, "Do we really want to hear the conclusions reached?"

Dr. Gillespie suggests, "The first Valuegenesis report of Project Affirmation has struck a crucial note in the life of the North American Adventist Church. The report in the Adventist Review provided information which was especially applicable to the family, church, and school. Valuegenesis, the largest study ever conducted in the United States by a church group, studied a total of 15,500 youth, their parents, pastors, and teachers. The data have provided information about faith, values, and commitment and the ways in which mature faith can be nurtured by others."


As the principal Project Affirmation "Valuegenesis," Dr. Gillespie is uniquely qualified to address meeting. In addition to this recent involvement, his doctoral work, completed at Claremont Graduate School, included special emphases in Christian Personality and Religious Education.

His publications include: Religious Conversion and Personal Identity: How and Why People Change, The Experience of Faith, and The Dynamics of Change. His articles have appeared regularly in the Pacific Union Recorder, the Adventist Review, and Insight. He has worked on curriculum development for Cornerstone Connection and is coordinating the North American Division Curriculum Project. At present he is editing a volume about values and religious learning.

His research interests are currently focused in the area of "pilgrimage." He has served as administrative director for excavations at Caesarea Maritima in Israel, 1976-1985. Each summer he directs the Loma Linda University Study Tour to the Middle East and Greece.

Experienced, knowledgeable, well-informed -- Dr. Bailey Gillespie will share with us information of major substance, information drawn for research which may cause us to rethink much of what are doing to transmit values to the next generation.

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