Current Trends in Adventist Theology

Speaker: Categories: Jul 13, 1991


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Have you heard any good rumors lately about where the Adventist church is headed theologically? Have you received any panicked publications decrying the wholesale abandonment of the "pillar doctrines" or, perhaps even worse, the subtle changes making inroads covertly into SDA thinking? Are the alarmists justified in their concerns? Should we equally concerned?

Dr. Cottrell avers, "The importance of theology can be summed up in the statement: We are what we are because we believe what we believe. This is true of us each as individual; it is equally true of the church. What we believe about God determines our relationship to Him and to one another."

He continues, "Our word "theology" is made up of the Greek words theos, "God," and logos, "word." Theology is thus, literally, the word about God and about His will and purpose for us.

"An understanding of current issues and trends in theology, of what is taking place within the church in the area of theological study, and of how we as individual members can relate meaningfully to the diverse, and sometimes confusing, winds of doctrine, can help us to maintain our own spiritual equilibrium, a right relationship to fellow church members, and meaningful participation in the life and mission of the church."


A frequent presenter at San Diego FORUM meetings, Raymond Cottrell has spoken here seven times in the past eleven years. He has challenged our thinking and caused us to appreciate his wealth of knowledge, his keen intellect, and gentle candor.

He is perhaps most appreciated for his significant contribution to the SDA Bible Commentary, having written two thousand pages for this milestone publication. He has authored four books and written about 650 articles and editorials for SDA publications. More than 350 research papers, primarily on biblical studies and theology, bear his name.

Since official "retirement;" he has taught at Loma Linda University, 1977-90, and served on various Southeastern California Conference committees including: The Constitution Committee, Spirit of Prophecy Committee, Gender Inclusiveness Taskforce, and the Justice Commission.

He has been a much sought speaker at AAF Chapters from San Diego to Toronto, from Seattle to Orlando. Once you hear him, you'll understand why!

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