Changing Patterns of Loving

Speaker: Categories: Jan 13, 1990


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This month's topic may seem unusual for a FORUM presentation The title which was originally considered for this presentation, "New Ways of Loving," would probably have raised even further question about the appropriateness of such a discussion on a Sabbath afternoon at a FORUM meeting to be conducted in a Seventh-day Adventist church facility.

Sexuality, ironically, though a quality God has given to all human beings, is rarely discussed openly among us. In fact, those who have attended Adventist academies and colleges might observe that school rules and prohibitions seemed to suggest that, for late adolescents and young adults, the real goal of life and the highest measure of religiosity was to ignore or at least markedly suppress anything bordering on a sexual urge. This, of course, would change for second semester seniors if serious plans were underway for a wedding and employment.

In recent years the visual and auditory media of our culture have bombarded viewers, readers, and listeners (us) with a barrage of "information" suggesting that the sexual mores of the previous generation, even the previous decade, are outmoded and perhaps counter to optimum physical and emotional well-being. Young SDAs are confused; middle-aged SDAs are confused; even SDAs qualifying as senior citizens are confused! Are not these newer, more permissive attitudes toward sexual expression just another sign of humankind’s fallen and degenerative condition. Is not this proof positive that the Devil is "seeking whom he may devour"?

Our January speaker contends that the "experience of loving undergoes different stages through life - from infancy to old age. [At our next meeting.]" she continues, "we will discuss these changes as they apply to each of us."

"Love, romance, and sexuality," she proposes, "also have undergone cultural changes [emphasis supplied] through the years. We will attempt to look at these with the aim of coming to some conclusions which could enhance our loving patterns at the present time."


Alberta Mazat is recognized as a candid commentator on human sexuality. Her views have broadened (some would contend contaminated) the thinking of clergy and laity, young and old. She made an earlier presentation to the San Diego FORUM, July, 1985, entitled: "Speaking Up for Sexuality."

A registered nurse, she completed training at Loma Linda in 1942. The University of Denver (Colorado) provided the educational environment for her Bachelor's degree in sociology, 1968, and a Master of Social Work degree, 1970. She is a member of numerous professional organizations for social workers, sex educators, and family therapists and is licensed/certified as a social worker, a marriage and family therapist, a sex educator, a sex therapist, an approved Fellow in Sex Counseling and Therapy, and a family life educator.

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