Issues Facing Adventism

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Four years ago, July, 1986, the title of our FORUM presentation was "Issues Facing Adventism." The speaker was Myron Widmer. Since that time significant "happenings" around the world and within the church have generated a host a new questions, identified a Pandora's box of new problems, and caused many to ponder the future and relevance of Seventh-day Adventism -- at least traditional Adventism. . .

A lexicon of new (or newly stressed) words have suddenly become part of the Adventist vocabulary (eschewed as nasty and forbidden). Included might be terms such as "gender inclusiveness," "Pentecostalism," "justice and equity," "relevant religion," "celebration," "theocratic autocracy," "grass roots religion," "servant administrator," proton accelerator," "merger," "educational endowment," "tithe decline," "Division status, " "congregationalism, " "church structure," and many more.

So what does this all mean? Myron Widmer suggests that "the Seventh-day Adventist Church lies at the crossroads today. It can no longer do business as usual in light of the rapidly changing social, economic, political, and moral influences affecting how Adventists think, work, and live."

"The church of North America, particularly," he continues, "must begin to sort out its own identity and role as it dwindles in size relative to the worldwide [SDA] church community. Challenges in North America threaten to sap -- if they have not already done so -- the life-giving forces of its local congregations, and in turn, affect the church's spiritual mission, and thus its support of worldwide growth that has for so many years been dependent upon North America's dollars and personnel. And, economically, we must ask, 'Are our present church policies starving the goose (North America) that lays the golden eggs?'"

Startling? Alarming? Distressing? Depressing? Annoying? Just more talk? How does the above paragraph strike you? Is this the church which we call "the remnant"? Is this the church which will "go through to the end"? Have we done something wrong to be caught up in such a plethora of problems which some describe as unresolvable?

"The latest study of the church. called Valuegenesis," states Editor Widmer, "says we must make immediate and bold changes in our techniques, actions, and standards if we are to hold our young people and to enthuse them with the visionary spirit consonant with the church's view of itself as the remnant church." [Emphasis supplied]

Our November 3 presentation will "look at the various issues affecting and shaping the Seventh-day Adventist today and what that will mean for the days ahead." Myron Widmer will also be interested in hearing our perspectives on these and related issues. The Question and Answer time should be especially interesting!


Elder Myron Widmer has served as associate editor of the Adventist Review for more than six years. Before coming to this position, he served as an associate pastor of the Walla Walla College Church, as a pastor in the Pennsylvania Conference, and as managing editor of the Recorder. He earned an M. Div. degree from Andrews (1978); a B.A. in Communication from PUC (1971).

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