Turning the Seventh-day Adventist Church Inside Out (But not Upside Down)

Speaker: Categories: Jan 14, 1989


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Evangelism has certainly been a hallmark of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Taking the message "to all the world in this generation" [emphasis supplied] has been a rallying cry which has challenged members to give of their means, even sacrificially, so that the return of Jesus might be hastened.

Missionaries have been sent to remote and distant places. The "Mission Spotlight," articles in the Review, and in-person, "I was there." presentations by returned/furloughed missionaries have kept the membership informed -- and -- made them aware of the unfinished task.

Eclipsed by the "other lands" focus has been the effectiveness of "at home" efforts right here in North America. Church growth statistics provide grossly unimpressive data regarding the success of evangelistic efforts among middle-class Americans.

"For several years the General Conference has sponsored a committee for the exploration of more effective ways of witnessing with the contemporary Western culture. Originally named Committee on Secularism, the group has more recently been known as Committee on Adventist Approach to Contemporary Culture." states Howard B. Weeks. this month's FORUM speaker.

"The committee," he continues, "has functioned in a quiet way (lately quiescent), but its intent has been serious: let us find ways of 'reaching' persons of secular mind and others not historically responsive to Adventist witnessing and/or evangelism."

The January meeting will pursue and expand some of the lines of inquiry and study which this G. C. committee, composed of persons of varied backgrounds and interests, has explored. It promises to be most interesting!


Howard B. Weeks is currently a member of the Committee on Secularism/Adventist Approach to Contemporary Culture. He has served as Director, General Conference Department of Communication, 1950-56, and as Vice President for Public Relations and Development, Loma Linda University, 1964-71. He was president of Woodbury Press, Santa Barbara, California, 1971-86. He is now retired.

Dr. Weeks received his master's degree from American University, Washington, D. C., 1963, and his doctorate from Michigan State University in 1966.

He has authored two books: Breakthrough: a Public Relations Guidebook for Churches, 1962; and Adventist Evangelism in the Twentieth Century, 1967.

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