A Tale of Two Tells

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One of the purposes for the existence of the Association of Adventist FORUMS is to explore some of the issues currently confronting the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In-depth discussions of weighty theological matters or concerns focusing on contemporary ethics or morality tend to dominate FORUM chapter meeting schedules. Why, then, should a presentation on some of the unearthed discoveries of archaeologists be included?

In fact, just how does an archaeology "dig" relate to the Bible? Through the years an Adventist team has grown and matured in its relationship to this question. Starting in 1968 to discover evidence for the Israelite destruction of Heshbon (Numbers 21:21-30), this group of antiquity scholars now has a much broader set of goals.

Current attention of the Adventist-sponsored Madaba Plains Project focuses on a site that may be the Abel-keramim of Judges 11:33. The speaker's jointly-authored, cover-featured article in the December 10, 1987 issue of the Adventist Review provides an excellent background for this topic.

Dr. Geraty will illustrate his presentation with color slides of some of the actual finds made at these ancient sites.


The son of missionary parents who served in China and the Middle East, Larry Geraty is a graduate of San Pasqual Academy. He earned his bachelor's degree from Pacific Union College in 1962, majoring in theology. In 1963 he completed a master's degree in Old Testament at Andrews University followed by a bachelor of divinity degree at the same institution in 1965. His Ph.D. degree was earned at Harvard University in 1972 in Syro-Palestinian archaeology.

Dr. Geraty served as Professor of Archaeology and History of Antiquity at Andrews University from 1972-85. He was curator of the Horn Archaeological Museum and Director of the Andrews University Institute of Archaeology.

Larry Geraty has directed several archaeological expeditions, particularly to Jordan. He has been published in numerous journals and has edited several books.

Since 1985 he has been president of Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Massachusetts, the site of the October, 1987, Conference of the Association of Adventist FORUMS. Somehow, even within the heavy time demands of his administrative responsibilities, he has managed to keep active in the field of archaeology. The San Diego AAF Chapter is honored to be included within Dr. Geraty's busy schedule this month. He, by the way, is a charter member of AAF.

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