Challenges Facing Adventism

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The San Diego Chapter of the Association of Adventist FORUMS has been fortunate in its tradition of hearing presentations on a broad array of topics from a wide variety of speakers. Viewpoints have been shared which have provided a rather comprehensive overview of the many issues confronting the Christian community and the Seventh-day Adventist church in particular. The February 13 meeting will help to sharpen that "overview" and share the perspective of a church administrator who, daily, must address such matters.

The title of this month's presentation, "Challenges Facing Adventism," suggests something more demanding than the term, "issues." Issues, as both secular and church history testify, may be ignored. Challenges, on the other hand, convey a sense of urgency, a need for attention and action. To not address such challenges portends dire consequences.

Just what are these challenges? Why should Adventism be confronted by them, anyway?

Elder Steve Gifford suggests: "The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a living organism. As with any living organism there is constant change. It is a major challenge for this church to be willing to change and yet stay within the context of biblical guidelines."

"Challenges the church faces as I see them are:

1. Education

2. Education of Ministry

3. Minorities

4. Payment of personnel

5. Role of Women

6. Use of Tithe"

(This list has been editorially arranged in alphabetical order with no suggestion of priority for any item.)

Interestingly, this listing may be quite unlike comparable listings within the minds of readers. Certainly, the listing reflects a shifting of concerns within the Adventist community.


Steve Gifford came to the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists after serving for the previous seven years in the Kansas-Nebraska Conference. During his years of denominational employment he has served as an educator, a pastor, and as a conference administrator. He is married to Beverly Troyer, a registered nurse employed as the clinical director of medical-surgical nursing at Parkview Hospital in Riverside. Steve and Beverly have three sons: Trent, 20; John, 19; and Michael, 13.

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