Trends in Vegetarianism

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"Trends in Vegetarianism" may seem to be an unusual topic for a FORUM presentation. It would appear to lack some of the more controversial theological excitement for which FORUM meetings have gained fame(?)!

However, there may be more to this topic, by way of theology, than meets the eye. Certainly, vegetarianism and Adventism have become synonymously associated together in many locations in North America. Within the work-place environment it would not be at all unusual for a Seventh-day Adventist to become known more immediately for his/her dietary habits than for his/her choice of a day for worship or for his/her convictions about an imminent return of the Lord.

Dr. Blix has suggested that "Vegetarianism has had a long and checkered history in its association with religion. Seventh-day Advent ism is no exception and a vegetarian lifestyle was recommended, if not totally adopted, by the early pioneers. "The church," he affirms, "continues to give significant attention to this lifestyle in the way of denominationally supported food companies, books, articles and lecture presentations."

But something unusual seems to be happening, in spite of this evident commitment to a meat-free diet. "At a time when the general population," according to our speaker, "is experiencing an interest in the type of lifestyle that has traditionally been associated with Adventism, church members are becoming increasingly apathetic about the "health message" in general and vegetarianism in particular!"

How can this be? Why is this happening?

The July 9 presentation will explore this phenomenon and offer some possible explanations for its occurrence.


Glen Blix is particularly well qualified to address this topic. His experience background includes seventeen years of employment at Loma Linda Foods where he designed and fabricated food processing equipment, managed the Mt. Vernon plant with special responsibility for manufacturing both an infant formula as well as vegetable protein, and, more recently, administered various aspects of the Riverside facility as vice-president.

He has recently joined the faculty of Loma Linda University (1987) where he is currently responsible for administration of all off-campus Master of Public Health programs and co-directs the Doctor of Health Science program.

He is a member of a variety of professional organizations including: Institute of Food Technologists, American Public Health Association, Infant Formula Council, American Association of Health Promotion, and the Nutrition Advisory Committee, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

He has made public presentations related to vegetarianism within the contiguous states and Hawaii.

He is an alumnus of LLU receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Religion 1970, his Master of Public Health degree in 1984, and his Doctor of Health Science degree in 1987.

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