A Reliable Method of Bible Study

Speaker: Categories: Feb 14, 1987


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The Autumn Council, which met in Rio de Janeiro, October 7-14, 1986, produced a number of significant decisions. Included was one which begins: "Voted. To approve the Methods of Bible Study Committee (GCC-A) report." The text of this report was just published in the Adventist REVIEW, January 22, 1987, pages 18-20. Though the print is fine, the report merits careful study for it prescribes an approved method of Bible study which "a committed Christian will use." (op. cit., p.20)

In that article no reference is made to the composition of this GC committee, its charge, nor the circumstances which prompted the appointment of such a study group.

In light of these most recent actions, just how might a "committed Christian" go about his/her Bible study? And what might be the conclusions resulting from the various alternative methods?

This will be the focus of Dr. Cottrell's presentation. Fortuitously, the Book of Daniel, the topic of this quarter's adult Sabbath School Lessons, will provide a "case study" for an examination of such methods.


Dr. Raymond Cottrell is certainly no stranger to the members and friends of the San Diego Chapter of the Association of Adventist FORUMS. He has informed and inspired San Diego listeners with his presentations, "View from Glacier View" (10-80), "1844: Message for our Time" (3-82), "The Sanctuary Problem" (3-84), and "What Do the Rocks Say?" (3-86).

Dr. Cottrell's service contributions to the Seventh-day Adventist Church include 25 years as Editor, Review and Herald Publishing Association; Associate Editor, SDA Bible Commentary, 1952-57; Associate Editor, Adventist Review, 1957-67; and Book Editor, 1967-77. He has taught Bible at Pacific Union College, 1941-52, and worked in mission service in the China Division, 1934-41.

His involvement in various research committees and professional associations has kept him attuned to the theological, hermeneutical, and research problems faced by Adventist Bible teachers and scholars. He has served as secretary, Bible Research Fellowship (a professional organization of SDA college Bible teachers), 1943-52; member, General Conference Biblical Research Committee, 1952-75; member, Sabbath School Lessons Committee, 1954-77; and member, Society of Biblical Literature, 1955-77.

He is the author of 2000 pages of the SDA Bible Commentary, plus numerous articles for the SDA Bible Dictionary and Encyclopedia. He was a major contributor to the book, Problems in Bible Translation.

Though retired in 1977, he has remained active pursuing his hobbies of astronomy, geophysics, music, gardening, ham radio and serving as a guest lecturer at Loma Linda University! He teaches a Sabbath School class in the Yucaipa church where he also serves as an elder.

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