Against All Odds: Keeping our North American Adventist Youth

Speaker: Categories: Apr 11, 1987


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Some might wonder just why FORUM would choose to explore the topic: Adventism and Its Youth. Does this fit into the general concerns of FORUM, i.e., the issues and the options confronting the church? One might also ponder whether concern for this topic is a recent, 1980's phenomenon.

A casual review of the Comprehensive Index to the Writings of Ellen G. White reveals twenty-five pages of references to the topic "Youth" -- more than three times the number of pages devoted to the topic of "Judgment," including the "Investigative," (7), and about twice as many pages as devoted to "Sanctuary," including the "Heavenly, (13).

If these Index references are a fair sample of the relative concern focused on such topics, then it would seem obvious that Adventism has had a rather persistent preoccupation about its youth, a preoccupation that historically may have merited more attention than some of the church's "pillar" doctrines and "unique contributions" to Protestant theology.

Why, then, is the concern still with us?

Why has the problem not been addressed satisfactorily? Is there any prospect for a resolution to this chronic and frustrating and embarrassing issue?

Our April speaker, Steve Daily, will guide our attention to this matter from four perspectives: Biblical, psychological, sociological, and historical. His recent experience as pastor of the New Life Church at the La Sierra Campus, an experiment in Adventist worship, will provide some interesting insights which have significant bearing on the topic.


Dr. Steve Daily is a West Coast native, born in Walla Walla, Washington. He graduated from Loma Linda/La Sierra in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology. Three years later he completed a Master of Divinity degree at the SDA Theological Seminary, Andrews University. Another Master's degree, this time in history, was earned at LLU Graduate School in 1982. A Doctor of Ministry degree with a major in Ethics was completed at the Claremont School of Theology in 1985. Currently, he is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree with a major in Psychology through United States International University.

He has contributed more than fifteen articles to such publications as the Collegiate Quarterly, College People, Adventist Heritage, Ministry, and Spectrum.

Two major publications have been authored by our speaker: The Irony of Adventism, his dissertation study for the Doctor of Ministry degree in 1985, and The Essence of Adventism, a textbook for the course, Introduction to Seventh-day Adventist Beliefs.

Dr. Daily's current insights for our April FORUM meeting have been developed through his eight years of pastoring in California in Lindsay, Bakersfield, and currently the New Life Church at La Sierra. Three years of secondary teaching at Bakersfield Academy plus seven years as instructor in the Division of Religion at Loma Linda contribute further to his background. Since 1980 he has also served as chaplain for the La Sierra campus.

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