A Case Study of Denominational Procedures: Consolidation at LLU

Speaker: Categories: Jul 11, 1987


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"On January 12, 1987, the Loma Linda University Board of Trustees voted to move in the direction of consolidating all programs of the La Sierra Campus on the Loma Linda Campus," according to Dr. Willard Meier, Executive Secretary, CFLSC. "The vote was 22 in favor, 19 opposed. The officers of the Board and the administrators of the University accepted that vote as final and valid, even though the Bylaws of Loma Linda University ate that 'Actions to adopt or change major policies . . . shall require . . . the affirmative vote of a majority of the total membership [of the Board of Trustees] . . .'"

Further, he states, "Legal counsel rendered the opinion that an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the constituency would be required to close the La Sierra campus. The vote of 22 of the 45-member Board of Trustees was less than an absolute majority . . . Also, the constituency was being by-passed in the process!"

Rennie Schoepflin's article, "Consolidation and Controversy: La Sierra to Loma Linda," in the May, 1987, issue of Spectrum, provides some very valuable background on this topic. In the same issue, Bruce Branson’s presentation, "The Case for Consolidation," offers some additional insight on an issue which really should concern all Seventh-day Adventists, especially those who live within the Pacific Union.

Articles in the Review and in the Recorder have kept this topic in the "news" within Adventism. Petition and letter writing campaigns have further attracted the attention of many concerned SDAs.


Calvin Hanson is an alumnus of La Sierra College. He is an insurance broker and president of C. J. Hanson Insurance Company in Riverside. Mr. Hanson serves as treasurer of the Concerned Friends of La Sierra Campus.

Willard Meier is Dean Emeritus, School of Education at Loma Linda University, having served as dean of that school during its first fifteen years, 1968 - 1983. He earned his doctorate from the University of California at Los Angeles. He serves as executive secretary of CFLSC.

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