The Other Side of the 'Betrayal' Story

Speaker: Categories: Sep 12, 1987


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The Association of Adventist FORUMS has gained attention, as well as some degree of notoriety, for its willingness to investigate, to discuss, and even to debate issues confronted by and within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Frequently, the topics identified for such consideration raise question about denominational policies, practices, or procedures.

The September meeting of the San Diego Chapter will approach an issue which faced the church, which was presumably resolved, but which still persists as an issue today. Interestingly, we’ll be exploring this topic from a different, less visible perspective.

Fifteen years ago Merikay Silver, an employee of Pacific Press Publishing Association, and others brought a class action suit against PPPA alleging discrimination against women in wages and benefit allowances. Our September speaker, Richard Utt, was her work supervisor.

Almost a decade and a half later, Ms. Silver (McLeod) published a bitter chronicle accusing Press and General Conference leaders of discrimination, lying, and bad faith.

However, according to Richard Utt, there is another, heretofore, untold side to the story which the reader of Silver's book might never imagine.


Richard Utt is a 1945 graduate of Pacific Union College with a major in theology. He earned a master's degree from Andrews University in 1948. often Since 1949 he has been an ordained SDA minister.

For nine years our September speaker served as. a missionary in Central America where he was president of the Costa Rica Mission, 1953-57. He was assistant editor of the Signs of the Times, 1958-61; chief book editor of Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1961-76.

The author of eleven books this prolific writer has published four hundred articles, stories, editorials, and features. He served as author and compiler of Loma Linda University’s seventy-fifth anniversary commemorative book, From Vision to Reality (1980). Since 1976  he has been a freelance writer and editor.

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