What Do the Rocks Say?

Speaker: Categories: Mar 15, 1986


[57min, 10sec / 55min, 7sec]


What DO the rocks say? For decades that question has perplexed Seventh-Day Adventists, especially those who chose to continue their baccalaureate and graduate education in non-Adventist colleges and universities. Confronted with the "evidence" on the one hand, they have been challenged to defend the traditional beliefs of the church which has insisted on a short, 6000-year history. Elaborate efforts have been dedicated to bringing the fossil record and geologic column into harmony with that position.

During the summer of 1985, the Association of Adventist FORUMS sponsored a geology field conference. Both Dr. Cottrell and Dr. Hamill were participants in that event. They will report on this conference and the study efforts which addressed the problems of harmonizing the geologic record, the Bible record, and the writings of Ellen G. White. Dr. Hamill will also consider the future of the church in this same crucial area, namely, science and religion.


Dr. Raymond F. Cottrell has to his credit forty-seven years of denominational service, primarily in the areas of Biblical studies and theology, as a teacher, editor and writer. He has served as a pastor, in mission service in China, as a college Bible teacher, as editor of the Seventh-Day Adventist Bible Commentary, as associate editor and book editor of The Review and Herald. He was a member of the Geoscience Research Institute Advisory Council, 1962-1977, and participated in several geology field conferences. He has been particularly interested in the theological aspects of geology in the areas of astro-physics and geo-physics.

Dr. Richard L. Hammill has served the Seventh-Day Adventist Church for forty-four years as a pastor, teacher and as an administrator. He, too, experienced mission service - in Vietnam, China, and the Philippines, where he was interned, 1941-1945. Returning to the United States, he served as a college teacher, an academic dean, a secretary in the General Conference Department of Education, President of Andrews University, and as a Vice-President of the General Conference. He was one of the persons primarily responsible for initiating the study of geology by competent SDA scientists which led to the founding of the Geoscience Research Institute.

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