The Adventist Health System in Transition

Speaker: Categories: May 10, 1986


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For Seventh-day Adventists the "medical work" has long been considered to be the "right arm of the message," an arm intended to introduce the masses to the three angels' message through caring, benevolent, healing endeavors. Its mission was understood to be synonymous with that of the church. In recent years that "right arm" has acquired additional tissue -- muscle, tendon, bone and has been observed flexing, just a bit, and thereby displaying some of its strength.

Concurrently, reports have circulated suggesting that the "medical work," in taking on business strategies appropriate for the eighties, has lost sight of its mission, has gone deeply into debt, and has, through mergers and consolidations, grown grossly out of proportion to the size of the body (the church) to which it is attached.


At 40, Alan J. Rice has amassed an impressive background of credits in the field of health care administration. He is prominently featured in the May/June, 1986 issue of Healthcare FORUM, a journal for healthcare executives, in an article entitled, "The Emerging Leaders." His leadership style, his perception of the essentials of effective healthcare delivery and marketing, and his successes in directing otherwise floundering institutions are discussed and praised.

Since 1981 Alan has been Vice President for Marketing, Planning and Corporate Communications for Adventist Health System-West. (By the way, that title may seem a bit out of context for a medical organization) From 1971 to 1981 he worked as health educator, director of health center programs, administrative affiliate, and administrative director of St. Helena Hospital and Heallth Center, Deer Park, California.

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