Challenges Facing Adventism

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After Glacier View, the questions about inspiration and the role of Ellen G. White, the Davenport affair, women as pastors, church reorganization - what issues still demand attention? Who is in position to identify these challenges - church administrators, pastors, church employees, laity? Who's responsible for addressing these challenges? Who can or should become involved?

"Although our church in North America has great strength and resources, it faces critical challenges," according to Widmer. "If left under the covers, undiscussed, and unanswered, they may effect a gradual, possibly irreversible decline in the distinctiveness and uniqueness of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."

Myron Widmer proposes to help us become acquainted with some of these challenges and to consider means by which these critical issues might be addressed head-on.


It's not often that the San Diego Chapter of the Association of Adventist FORUMS has opportunity to hear from "an insider at the top"! Myron Widmer is just such a person.

At 37 he's the youngest member of the General Conference Executive Committee. From that position he has opportunity to survey the issues currently facing Adventism and, from the vantage point of youth, he is able to offer a fresh perspective for addressing such challenges.

Interestingly, it was his youthful perspective which was deliberately sought as something especially needed at the REVIEW. Under the new editorship of William G. Johnsson, both the image and the audience of "the official organ" of the Seventh-day Adventist ,church have been reassessed and refocused.

Myron has a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Pacific Union College, 1971. His Master of Divinity Degree was earned at the Seventh-day Adventist Seminary in 1978.

He has worked for four years in the Pacific Union as managing editor of the Recorder. He has also served as a lecturer.

Following his graduate studies at the Seminary, he pastored a variety of large and small churches in Pennsylvania. He later served as associate pastor of the Walla Walla College Church, responsible primarily for family ministries.

In 1984 he was asked to join the REVIEW editorial staff as a "catalyst" (his term). "Bill Johnsson wanted to make some changes . . . My communications background was needed," stated our July speaker. "I'm in a unique role. In the past the associate editor has always been a theologian. I'm not! Bill [Johnsson] is the theologian . . . " He went on to discuss the opportunities he has been given to seek ways in which the REVIEW might actually communicate with the church membership! According to Widmer, the REVIEW, now, through its own news staff, will gather and report the happenings within the church, the good and the bad, to keep the church informed. He hastened to add that there was no danger that the role of SPECTRUM would be threatened!

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