The Church and Homosexuality

Speaker: Categories: Jan 12, 1985


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Elder Sandefur has indicated that: "Contemporary Christian opinion regarding the morality of homosexual acts ranges from (the view) that such acts are sinful, to the view that such acts are natural and good."

He then asks: "How ought Seventh-day Adventists to arrive at a position and response that is (1) biblically based, (2) theologically sound, and (3) caring and compassionate?"

Undoubtedly, a host of other questions might, and perhaps should, be raised about this topic. The January meeting of the San Diego FORUM will provide opportunity to do just that. So, come and bring a friend. Interact with others from the community who share some of your same questions, who are concerned about some of the same issues, and who would like to explore some of the same options for resolving these issues.


Pastor Sandefur received his undergraduate degree at Loma Linda University. In 1971 he earned his Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University. This was followed by further graduate work in Christian social ethics at Princeton Theological Seminary. He has served as pastor in the Potomac Conference, 1970-79, and as pastor of the Corona Seventh-day Adventist Church since 1980.

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