Turning the World Upside Down: Do SDAs Have a Unique Gospel?

Speaker: Categories: Feb 09, 1985


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Intensive research in recent years has focused on the problem of legalism and isolationism in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Several hundred ministers have left their work (and some have left the church) because they believe that the church is more committed to legalism than it is to the authentic gospel message. These realities might cause us to consider the following questions:

--What is the true definition of legalism? What is the true definition of the gospel?

--Do Seventh-day Adventists have implicit in their message a unique concept of the gospel, something which other evangelical churches do not comprehend nor proclaim?

--What did justification or righteousness by faith mean to the apostles? What did it mean to Luther, Calvin, and other 16th century reformers? Did they understand it correctly?

--Do modern-day evangelicals understand it?

--To what extent is the pure New Testament truth of justification by faith now being proclaimed by Seventh-day Adventists?

Certainly these questions deserve attention in light of the recent experience of Seventh-day Adventists. Certainly Bob Wieland is well qualified to explore with us some answers -- and -- perhaps stimulate us to raise further questions which might merit additional research and study. Why not come and participate in this process of exploration and study?


Elder Bob Wieland received his undergraduate theological training at Southern College (formerly Southern Missionary College) and at Columbia Union College. He earned his M. A. degree from Andrews University Seminary. He has contributed twenty-four years of ministry to Africa, having recently returned from a four year term as Adventist All-Africa Editorial Consultant in Nairobi.

He has condensed the five volumes of the Conflict of the Ages Series, published by Pacific Press, and is currently condensing Christ's Object Lessons and Ministry of Healing for the Ellen G. White Estate. He has written numerous books and journal articles.

Sixteen years of pastoral service in Southeastern California Conference were interspersed among his years in Africa. For eight years he served as pastor of the Chula Vista Seventh-day Adventist Church.

His special field of research during the last 40 years has been the intriguing study of the history and theological significance of the 1888 righteousness by faith message.


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