Fatal Accounts

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A recently published book,Fatal Accounts, has become one of three books that some have come to be defined as theTerrible Trio. This is the personal story of Dave Dennis, who at age 56, was fired as the director of the General Conference Auditing Service, a post he had held for 19 years. He was purposely terminated only months from his 35th anniversary of denominational service, thus denying him early retirement possibilities. Over the next seven years Dennis waged a legal battle against the General Conference and those who had prosecuted his demise in the courts of Maryland. The defendants'sole strategy was to fight to keep the lawsuit from going to trial at an unaccounted for cost of millions of dollars representing mostly"tithe"funds. Finally, in late 2000 a terminally ill judge succumbed to the pressure and dismissed the case under First Amendment protection. Facing a continuing barrage of devastating and untrue public propaganda from the prolific offices of General Conference Public Relations, Dennis set about to write his memoirs over the next decade. In September 2009 his autobiography was launched at the University Church Chapel in Loma Linda, under the sponsorship ofAdventist Todaywhich had published the book. The principle objective of the book is the message that Dennis wishes to share with San Diego Adventist Forum ... that he will continue to be an articulate voice for transparency in the church. He will join the struggle for fiscal reform and full disclosure. He believes the issues that led to his untimely termination need to be addressed and corrected. He hopes to protect other reformers rising now and in the future from the undeserved treatment he suffered.


Dave Dennis was asked to lead the then soon-to-be-reorganized General Conference Auditing Service in 1976. The aging president of the General Conference at that time, Robert H. Pierson, believed that the credibility of the church hinged to a large degree on the reputation and performance of its internal Auditing Service. Pierson resigned for health reasons soon after Dave's appointment and was succeeded by Neal C. Wilson, whom Dennis outlasted, despite episodes of turbulent disagreement. Educated in SDA schools, Dennis graduated with a BS degree in business administration from Union College in Nebraska in 1960 and in 1967 completed his MBA degree from the University of Kansas following a term of mission service in South America. As a certified public accountant, Dennis served in treasury and auditing in the Far Eastern Division in Singapore before coming to the General Conference. He and his wife, Charlotte, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in September. They have two adult children, one of whom, Sam, has been a partner in their family public accounting practice since Dave's controversial firing by Robert S. Folkenberg in 1994.

Dave Dennis made his SDAF debut in July, 2005, presenting Denominational Internal Control and Conflicts, and returned in November, 2006, discussingThe Theology of Tithing.

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