Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

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This topic, as many readers will recognize, was originally planned for last April. Dr. Brandon's family responsibilities necessitated the rescheduling of that presentation.

What about divorce, and remarriage in the Seventh-day Adventist church? What are the problems currently being faced as efforts are put forth to "Hold high the standards" and simultaneously "deal objectively and rationally" with what many consider to be a too common place phenomenon.

Readers may recall Pastor Lou Venden's San Diego FORUM presentation in October, 1982, which reported on the pilot program then underway at the University Church which was exploring ways to address the basic issue of how the church should respond to the incidence of divorce and remarriage among its membership. Since that time little has been reported by way of "success stories" or recommendations. Church boards and church constituents continue to wrestle with the questions of morality associated with divorce and subsequent remarriage seeking to determine if the divorce was based on "Biblical grounds," who was the guilty party, and what kind of disciplinary action should be taken.

And it would appear that church standards are frequently not enforced, certainly not clearly understood, and most often not applied uniformly. This poses a serious question as to whether the Seventh-day Adventist church, indeed, has a sound Bible-based perspective of the principles associated with marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

Against this backdrop Dr. Brandon will direct our attention to both the Old Testament and New Testament teachings on this subject. Further, he will guide us in drawing from Scripture those principles which may find application among contemporary Adventism.

Public attitudes toward divorce and remarriage, both inside and outside the Christian community, will be reviewed, seeking to identify how these attitudes may have changed and the forces, if any, responsible for effecting such change. The statistical record will be examined to determine the frequency of divorce and remarriage today as compared with the recent past.

Elements essential to divorce adjustment will be explored along with the signs which indicate that such adjustment has been achieved. Prerequisites for successful remarriage, the pitfalls to be avoided, and the impact of all this on those who will become the "step" family will also be discussed.


Dr. Tony Brandon claims Surinam, South America as his birthplace. He holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in education earned from a Dutch University, the other in theology from Caribbean Union College. His graduate work included a master of arts degree from Loma Linda University in 1976 and a doctorate from United States International University in 1980. He has also completed a number of post-doctoral courses.

Twelve year’s experience as pastor and pastor evangelist preceded his work as director of professional counseling in the Southeastern California Conference (1978), and as chaplain for Loma Linda University Medical Center (1979-80). Since that time he has been on the faculty at LLU where he currently chairs the department of Social Relations.

His articles have been published in several Seventh-day Adventist journals including College People. He currently has a book manuscript in preparation.

He and his wife of twenty-one years have two sons, nineteen and eighteen, who are students at LLU and at Monterey Bay Academy.

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