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Dr. Ed Zackrison, who currently heads the Department of Religion at La Sierra Academy, comes to us with an extensive background in both teaching and in pastoring.

From 1972 to 1985 he was a member of the religion faculty at Southern College (formerly Southern Missionary College). Prior to his academic responsibilities, he served as youth pastor in Alhambra, 1966-67, and as pastor of the Camarillo SDA church, 1967-72.

He received his doctorate in 1984 from Andrews University, majoring in Theological Studies. His dissertation, "Seventh-day Adventists and Original Sin -- A Study of the early Development of the Seventh-day Adventist Understanding of the Effect of Adam's Sin on His Posterity" might prove interesting for some future FORUM meeting.

His Bachelor of Divinity degree was earned in 1966, also at Andrews, in Theology and Christian Philosophy. He graduated from La Sierra College in 1963, majoring in Theology. Though born in Hinsdale, Illinois, La Sierra Demonstration School was the location for his early education through the tenth grade at which time he transferred to Auburn Academy for the completion of his secondary school experience.

He has served as consulting editor for These Times, as a member of the General Conference Committee on Personal Adornment, and as a member of the GC Desire of Ages Committee (the "Veltman Committee"). Currently, he is a member of the reading committee for the Collegiate Quarterly. An article-length manuscript is in progress for the SDA Bible Commentary, Volume 11, on the topic of the Biblical doctrine of sin and how SDAs have historically dealt with this topic.

Production of musical plays is one of his hobbies with "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" completed at La Sierra Academy in 1985 and "The Sound of Music" presently underway.

He is principal clarinetist with the Loma Linda University Orchestra. The refurbishing old houses and a variety of sports activities help satisfy his recreational interests.

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