The Sanctuary Problem: Its History and Implications for Seventh-day Adventists

Speaker: Categories: Mar 10, 1984


[59min, 55sec / 55min, 19sec]


Elder Cottrell was formerly Associate Editor of the Review & Herald and of the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary. He was also a member of the original Daniel Committee and the Sanctuary Review Committee. The above topic is the title of a chapter in his forthcoming book on the Sanctuary, a culmination of 17 years of an in-depth study of the book of Daniel.


1. What is the real problem with our traditional interpretation of Daniel 8: 14?

2. Among all the divergent opinions about the Sanctuary, is there a way to know what the Bible really says about it, or is the Bible a sort of Delphic oracle that can mean whatever a person wants it to mean?

3. Is a "correct" view of the Sanctuary essential for the integrity of Adventism?

4. How do you relate to a church that has all the answers and considers further questions irrelevant or subversive?

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