The Interpretation of Scripture: Layman's Challenge

Speaker: Categories: Apr 14, 1984


[57min, 22sec / 46min, 15sec]


Professor Haldeman is Associate Professor of New Testament at L. L. U., where she has taught for the past 18 years. She received her graduate training at Andrews University. She is a member of the Biblical Research Institute, (considered to be the only prestigious scholarly group in Adventist theology). She was a member of the original committee on the role of women in the Church.


1. Is a layman capable of correct biblical exegesis?

2. Should the institutional church be the final authority on the correct exegesis?

3. Does the New Testament really teach that litigation is wrong?

4. How can the Gospel proclaim the equality of the sexes and races and yet proclaim submission on the part of wives?

5. How does one resolve the perplexing dilemma of the New Testament thesis that God is love and the Old Testament teaching of a vengeful God?

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