Is Jewish Apocalyptic for Christians?

Speaker: Categories: Jul 14, 1984


[1hr, 4sec / 57min, 1sec]


Calvin Edwards was born in New Zealand and went to school in Australia, graduating from Avondale College in 1976 with a double major in theology and English literature and minors in math and history. He taught at Carmel College and Avondale College and then attended the Andrews University Seminary from 1979 to 1981, where he took an MDiv. and taught part-time. In June 1981 he joined Good News Unlimited, an independent evangelical organization, and is now administrative president.


The speaker brings us the results of his personal study on Jewish vs. Christian Apocalyptic. He will be discussing the book of Daniel and doing a study in Daniel 8 as a sample of how he feels Jewish Apocalyptic should be interpreted. He wishes to pose the following questions to the audience and invites participation especially concerning the last question):

(1) Does Daniel predict events in the 19th and 20th centuries?

(2) Did a Jewish prophet foresee the rise of the Roman Catholic Church?

(3) Who or what is the Little Horn and how does he defile the sanctuary?

(4) Can we know where the sanctuary that is cleansed is located?

(5) How can Christians find value in Jewish apocalyptic?

We emphasize that this is one individual's opinion. We invite you to come and consider what he has to say--to stimulate your own thinking and hopefully to send you deeper into the study of God's Word that you may clarify more fully your own personal beliefs and the character of the Object of all study.

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