The Greening of Adventism - a New Consciousness Demands Changed Structure

Speaker: Categories: Aug 11, 1984


[1hr, 5min, 40sec / 39min, 25sec]


Jim Walters is currently Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics and Theology at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda. He is well-qualified to speak on this subject, since he served as the chairperson of the AAF Taskforce on Church Structure

Dr. Walters is a graduate of Southern College, SDA Theological Seminary and Claremont Graduate School. He received his doctorate in Theological Ethics at Claremont in 1979. Walters has served as a pastor and teacher and has published several papers.


Dr. Walters poses the following questions for our consideration:

(1) Are current problems signs of disease or vitality?

(2) Could Adventism survive a major reorganization?

(3) Can Adventism make room for its second and third generations?

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