Ethics at the Edges of Life

Speaker: Categories: Nov 10, 1984


[1hr, 2min, 45sec / 32min, 30sec]


Dr. Provonsha is Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Christian Ethics, Loma Linda University: Director of the Center for Bioethics, LLU. He is an ordained minister of the SDA Church in addition to being a Medical Doctor. He received his M. A. degree in Religious Studies from Harvard University and his Ph. D. in Ethics from Claremont Graduate School.


1. The discussion will focus on the ethics relating to abortion and heroic terminal care.

2. Who is properly authorized to make these ethical decisions? Courts?

Committees? The person involved? The relatives? The doctors?

3. When is a person really dead?

4. What makes a human a person?

5. How much is a fetus worth?

6. How much money should society invest in "hopeless cases"?

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